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Sense & Sensibility 2003

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Announcement Emma Group Read begins May 7 (schedule in message) 04/21/2017 06:54PM
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GR: So -- sense or sensibility?

Lucy K 09/20/2003 05:02PM

Lesser of the Two Evil

Luc 09/25/2003 02:14AM

GR: And, not or

Barbara 09/20/2003 05:34PM

GR: I agree with you.

Emmeline 09/22/2003 07:11AM

GR And...

Lucy K 09/21/2003 08:07PM

GR: More than what?

Barbara 09/21/2003 10:03PM

GR: So...

Lucy K 09/25/2003 07:01PM

G.R A debate by JA?

Mandy N 09/25/2003 08:32PM

That's something ...

Line 09/25/2003 08:12PM

GR: Different circumstances, though

Barbara 09/25/2003 07:50PM

GR: They make her

joe m 09/22/2003 09:51AM

GR: Happy?

Ingrid Linn 09/22/2003 04:43PM

GR: Ooh, you're getting into...

Line 09/22/2003 09:39PM

GR: Happiness

Ingrid Linn 09/23/2003 06:06PM

GR: More on happiness

Line 09/23/2003 08:05PM

GR: Yes, I agree! (nfm)

Ingrid Linn 09/24/2003 04:06PM

GR: I agree. (nfm)

Yvonne T. 09/21/2003 12:21PM

You've hit the nail on the head!

Delories 09/21/2003 02:35AM

GR Barbara

BarbaraB 09/20/2003 05:24AM

I to applaud Barbara's efforts on our behalf

alexl 09/20/2003 11:56AM

And I! Huzzah! [nfm]

Delories 09/21/2003 02:29AM

GR Some Closing Thoughts and Comments

BarbaraB 09/20/2003 05:09AM

GR More closing comments

Lucy K 09/20/2003 04:30PM

GR Lucy's Parting Shot

BarbaraB 09/20/2003 03:43AM

GR Yes

Lucy K 09/20/2003 01:43PM

GR Willoughby

BarbaraB 09/20/2003 03:30AM

GR: An interesting point!

Cass 09/20/2003 01:56PM

GR: The man we love to hate

Lucy K 09/20/2003 01:53PM

GR: So what have we learned? (-;

joe m 09/19/2003 12:20PM

GR: Another one

Line 09/20/2003 11:04AM


BarbaraB 09/20/2003 05:28AM


Barbara 09/19/2003 10:07PM

GR: and an invaluable one

Rebecca Mog 09/19/2003 09:59PM

Joe, these are hilarious!

Chandra 09/19/2003 02:32PM

GR: Everything I need to know I learned from Jane Austen

Cass 09/19/2003 02:52PM

My favourite (for obvious reasons)

Mary Anne 09/20/2003 09:48AM

My One

Mandy N 09/19/2003 08:38PM

A few more...

Mandy N 09/20/2003 02:54AM

GR: An old dog learning a new trick

joe m 09/19/2003 09:21AM

GR: Another Mrs Ferrars chuckler

Cass 09/19/2003 10:43AM

GR: A very wee bit. (-;

joe m 09/19/2003 11:21AM

GR: Proper age for marriage

Line 09/18/2003 07:31PM

Age Difference and Love

Chandra 09/19/2003 07:58AM

GR: Oh, absolutely!

Line 09/19/2003 06:58PM

Let Me Explain Myself a Bit Better!

Chandra 09/21/2003 08:54AM

GR: My meaning

Line 09/22/2003 09:48PM

GR: Not literally?

Barbara 09/19/2003 09:50PM

Marianne's marriage

Line 09/20/2003 11:00AM

GR: Early widowhood

Barbara 09/20/2003 02:04PM

GR: No, I'm not really ...

Line 09/21/2003 04:44PM

GR: I find the age issue troubling too

Louise H 09/19/2003 08:01PM

She is a few years older

Barbara 09/19/2003 09:57PM

G.R: Marianne's experience

Mandy N 09/20/2003 08:18AM

In my opinion,

emi 09/19/2003 04:00AM

G.R: Marianne and Eliza

Mandy N 09/19/2003 09:04AM

He Wouldn't Be That Selfish

Chandra 09/19/2003 09:19AM

I thought I said that.

Mandy N 09/19/2003 10:10AM

Oh, I'm Sorry!

Chandra 09/19/2003 02:19PM

No Worries !

Mandy N 09/19/2003 03:23PM

No need to write snip

Barbara 09/19/2003 11:12PM

Marriage musings

Mandy N 09/18/2003 10:46PM

GR: Not quite

Barbara 09/18/2003 11:37PM


Mandy N 09/19/2003 07:56AM

I assure you...

Barbara 09/19/2003 11:20AM

Thanks for a road sign!

Mandy N 09/19/2003 01:48PM

G.R: Misty musings indeed

Mandy N 09/19/2003 05:00AM

GR a few reasons

Barbara 09/18/2003 09:53PM

GR: Edward! (-;

joe m 09/18/2003 01:09PM

Yes indeed

KateL 09/19/2003 01:28PM

GR: I found this interesting

joe m 09/18/2003 07:52AM

GR: I think it shows...

Barbara 09/18/2003 11:51AM

Consider the circumstances,please

Mandy N 09/18/2003 09:35AM

GR: What I meant

joe m 09/18/2003 11:54AM

G R: I know ; )

Mandy N 09/18/2003 02:40PM

Please snip

Barbara 09/18/2003 03:21PM

G.R: Snip then Switch to a charecter study

Mandy N 09/19/2003 05:59AM

Barbara,thank you for the GR!

Emmeline 09/18/2003 07:08AM

Yes, thanks, Barbara!

Kristen G. 09/21/2003 06:20PM

Yes, thanks. I've grown much more attached to S&S! (nfm)

Anne Charlotte 09/21/2003 01:54PM

Yes, Indeed! Most Delightful. (NFM)

Chandra 09/19/2003 07:29AM

You are most welcome!

Barbara 09/18/2003 09:54PM

Thank you!

Debra Mc 09/19/2003 09:14PM

Thanks for the group read!

Ingrid Linn 09/19/2003 04:24PM

GR: 1st & 2nd attachments

Emmeline 09/18/2003 06:57AM

GR: Second Attachments

Chandra 09/19/2003 07:28AM

GR: The irony...

Barbara 09/18/2003 11:43AM

GR: Confessing to Elinor

Barbara 09/18/2003 12:44AM

GR: Strong stuff

Ingrid Linn 09/19/2003 04:08PM

GR: A Margaret LOL

joe m 09/17/2003 06:14PM

GR: How does JA do it?

Ingrid Linn 09/19/2003 03:58PM

GR: Mrs Dashwood

Ingrid Linn 09/16/2003 06:10PM

GR: Mrs. Dashwood grows up

Barbara 09/17/2003 12:07AM

GR: Parenting

Ingrid Linn 09/17/2003 05:29PM