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Mansfield Park 2004

Subject Author Posted

Instructions for Baddeley

Cheryl 07/03/2004 07:15PM

Another limerick

Linden 07/03/2004 04:52AM

Thank you, Linden!

LaurieC 07/03/2004 11:41AM


Line 07/03/2004 08:38AM

Fuppery and nonsense

joe m 07/02/2004 09:25AM

A two-hanky day

LaurieC 07/02/2004 07:58PM

Thank YOU, Laurie

Cheryl 07/02/2004 09:22PM

Thank you!

Karen G. 07/03/2004 03:19PM

Thank you, both!

Ann2 07/03/2004 09:44AM


JulieW 07/03/2004 02:43AM

Applause for JulieW, too!

LaurieC 07/03/2004 09:07AM

Thanks to all...

Mia I. 07/03/2004 10:43AM

Awwww! :-)

LaurieC 07/02/2004 09:54PM

Thank you, LaurieC!

Emmeline 07/02/2004 02:37PM

You are very welcome

LaurieC 07/02/2004 09:55PM


Cheryl 07/02/2004 10:13AM

Fuppary well done with A Dash of Evil - NFM

Rosalie 07/02/2004 09:31AM

Final thoughts on MP

Lisa Dalrymple 07/02/2004 07:44AM

I will grant you...

Cheryl 07/02/2004 10:11AM


Lisa Dalrymple 07/02/2004 02:06PM


JulieW 07/02/2004 10:29AM

Characters who change

LaurieC 07/02/2004 08:28AM

Change and modernity in MP

JennyAllan 07/02/2004 12:24PM


Lisa Dalrymple 07/02/2004 11:45AM

Sir Thomas

LaurieC 07/02/2004 12:19PM

And some thoughts on La Norris....!

Deborah d'Bajor 07/02/2004 03:39AM

Mansfield Musings

Deborah d'Bajor 07/02/2004 03:04AM

Baby Pug, etc.

LaurieC 07/02/2004 08:20AM

A mixture of love and vanity

JennyAllan 07/02/2004 11:20AM

Impressions of MP2

Line 07/01/2004 10:27PM

Good point

JennyAllan 07/02/2004 05:15PM

I'm glad to hear you saw some good in it...

Sheena 07/01/2004 11:10PM

I'll keep an eye out for that scene! (nfm)

Line 07/02/2004 07:47AM

Seven deadly sins

Linden 07/01/2004 03:44PM

additions to the list

LouAnn 07/02/2004 10:39PM

Disagreed about Pride and Greed

Luc 07/02/2004 01:30AM

vanity is synonymous with pride

JennyAllan 07/02/2004 10:48AM

Not if you read P&P! ;-) (nfm)

Line 07/02/2004 11:14AM

Guess you missed...

Ann2 07/01/2004 04:01PM

This is pure genius!

JennyAllan 07/01/2004 04:18PM

Thanks -- no disagreement about Sloth, Lust and Gluttony nfm

Linden 07/01/2004 04:11PM

Do you remember...

LaurieC 07/01/2004 08:26AM


LaurieC 07/01/2004 08:46AM

The one scene where...

Vivian Miriam 07/01/2004 10:03AM


Cheryl 07/01/2004 11:20AM


Vivian Miriam 07/01/2004 12:08PM

My opinion

JulieW 07/02/2004 04:32AM

The coachman angle?

LaurieC 07/01/2004 12:48PM

Servants and Illness

JulieW 07/01/2004 05:05PM

Thank you, Julie! :-) *nfm*

LaurieC 07/01/2004 05:25PM


JulieW 07/01/2004 05:15PM

All Fanny's fault (-;

joe m 07/01/2004 12:32PM

That horrifying passage

JennyAllan 07/01/2004 04:04PM

I know which is worse

joe m 07/02/2004 07:16AM

A piece of what-iffery

Linden 07/01/2004 02:54PM

Well, they say

joe m 07/02/2004 07:05AM

Oh goody, Speculation!

JennyAllan 07/01/2004 04:12PM

..and her being the eldest!

Ann2 07/01/2004 04:29PM

Another reason for resentment (of Lady cool smiley

Line 07/01/2004 07:24PM

Great idea! Thanks for the correction. nfm

Linden 07/01/2004 04:15PM

Now we see...

joe m 07/01/2004 08:53AM

Thank you...

Emmeline 07/01/2004 08:45AM

Your favorite scenes?

LaurieC 06/30/2004 10:09PM

two that I'd definitely want in an MP3...

Karen G. 07/01/2004 06:31PM

A small one

Line 07/01/2004 07:31PM

Maybe I'm doing a Rozema here...

Linden 07/01/2004 03:09PM

It's not a Rozema . . .

Debi 07/03/2004 09:03AM

I would love that!

JennyAllan 07/01/2004 03:55PM

Please let it be funny!

JennyAllan 07/01/2004 11:24AM

I agree about the humour, though...

Line 07/01/2004 06:58PM

Just 2 (-;

joe m 07/01/2004 07:19AM

Don't forget Pug barking

JennyAllan 07/01/2004 11:11AM

All stories need a dog. nfm

Linden 07/01/2004 04:26PM

Realistic touches

LaurieC 07/01/2004 08:22AM

Excellent suggestions!

Line 07/01/2004 09:27AM


Deborah d'Bajor 07/01/2004 10:07AM

The firestarter

LaurieC 07/03/2004 09:11AM

Loving Mansfield (long!)

Kristen G. 06/30/2004 04:46PM

I love it, too! (nfm)

Emmeline 07/01/2004 08:39AM

What a nice tribute, Kristen

LaurieC 06/30/2004 08:59PM

Yes I agree

Antoinette 06/30/2004 10:01PM

Big Issues: what is their function?

Linden 06/30/2004 03:40PM

Thank you, Linden

Louise H 07/02/2004 03:08PM

That goes for me too, Thanks! (nfm)

JennyAllan 07/02/2004 03:54PM

Not at all -- it was fun! nfm

Linden 07/03/2004 04:55AM

The Ethical and the Political

Linden 06/30/2004 03:43PM

The personal and the political

JennyAllan 06/30/2004 04:55PM

Leaving it to others to decide

Linden 06/30/2004 09:52PM

A `Condition-of-England' novel?

Linden 06/30/2004 03:41PM

I notice...

joe m 06/30/2004 12:11PM

My main objection to MP2

Linden 07/01/2004 03:15PM

Encapsulated review

JennyAllan 07/01/2004 11:42AM


Vivian Miriam 07/01/2004 01:48PM

Another review...

joe m 07/01/2004 02:37PM

Again I say.... wow...... nfm

Vivian Miriam 07/01/2004 03:08PM

MP1 & MP2

Emmeline 07/01/2004 08:32AM

Watched it over the weekend

Karen G. 06/30/2004 11:28PM

I bought it in a bargain bucket for

JulieW 07/01/2004 04:19AM

the monumental task

Karen G. 07/01/2004 11:18AM

Deborah d'Bajor 07/01/2004 07:34AM

I'll say

joe m 07/01/2004 08:50AM

Planning to watch it tonight! (nfm)

Line 06/30/2004 05:29PM

Well, I've said all I really want to say...

Sheena 06/30/2004 12:58PM

IMO, no.

Karen G. 07/02/2004 09:12PM

Even though I watched this past weekend

joe m 06/30/2004 01:47PM

True, true...

Deborah d'Bajor 07/01/2004 03:08AM

I'm one of those people...

Vivian Miriam 06/30/2004 01:29PM

I agree.

Yvonne T. 07/01/2004 03:16PM


Cheryl 06/30/2004 02:20PM


Vivian Miriam 06/30/2004 03:15PM


Deborah d'Bajor 07/01/2004 03:10AM

EEK! (nfm)

Cheryl 06/30/2004 03:29PM

So..and what of Susan?

JulieW 06/30/2004 06:46AM

I agree. (nfm)

Emmeline 07/01/2004 08:28AM

Theories about reformed Tom

JennyAllan 06/30/2004 05:45PM

Why would Edmund get Mansfield?

Linda Marie 07/01/2004 10:56AM

That was my thought

joe m 07/01/2004 11:43AM


Karen G. 07/01/2004 06:36PM


Cheryl 07/01/2004 11:24AM


Linden 07/01/2004 03:17PM

Jane Austen tells us...

Cheryl 07/01/2004 03:59PM

Not just kicked artound on the board, you know

JulieW 07/01/2004 01:53AM

Tom's sexual orientation

Line 06/30/2004 06:07PM

stretching it

Zoe 07/01/2004 07:04AM

Not Tom

Linden 06/30/2004 03:45PM

Sure, why not? (nfm)

Line 06/30/2004 08:42AM

No brickbats!

Vivian Miriam 06/30/2004 08:03AM

LOl- you're biased then!

JulieW 06/30/2004 08:39AM

Here's her post

joe m 06/30/2004 02:06PM

Thanks Joe! NFM

Vivian Miriam 06/30/2004 02:13PM

I hope you're right! nfm

Linda Marie 06/30/2004 06:59AM

Has anyone read these?

Luc 06/30/2004 04:54AM

Very interesting, thank you NFM

Mia I. 07/01/2004 10:11AM