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Emma 2005

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Thanks to everyone, and I hope it's been fun

Laraine 03/12/2005 06:20PM

It's been great

Linden 03/13/2005 01:15AM

It was a wonderful GR. Thanks! nfm

Sharon Alanna 03/13/2005 01:06AM

It's been great!

Nancy Ann 03/12/2005 11:25PM

'So long, farewell...'

Mandy N 03/12/2005 09:22PM

Seven weeks!

Lynn 03/12/2005 08:32PM

More than you can imagine.

Reeba 03/12/2005 06:46PM

What happens after the novel ends

Meg in Calif. 03/12/2005 11:44AM

The Eltons-presumably, they will have children (poor

Sharon Alanna 03/12/2005 12:57AM

Not necessarily a given

Laraine 03/12/2005 10:49AM

Wild speculation time

Linden 03/11/2005 03:06PM


Laraine 03/11/2005 04:48PM

All the matchmakers

Jenny Allan 03/11/2005 01:40PM

You are forgetting little

Reeba 03/13/2005 03:46AM

Some more

Linden 03/11/2005 04:09PM

N. takes M.

Jenny Allan 03/11/2005 01:24PM

What it means...

Namrata 03/11/2005 01:39PM

Thanks, I never, ever would have gotten it! (nfm)

Jenny Allan 03/11/2005 01:43PM

This is also in the Emma FAQ

Laraine 03/11/2005 04:42PM

Hmm... I always thought...

Lori Lynn 03/12/2005 09:25PM

Ha, ha. That's what I thought too. nfm

Odelia 03/13/2005 12:00AM

Mystery quiz results

Jenny Allan 03/11/2005 01:11PM

Thank you all

Linden 03/11/2005 02:48PM

I was going to e-mail tonight! :-( (nfm)

Reeba 03/11/2005 01:31PM

Go ahead and post the answers here (nfm)

Jenny Allan 03/11/2005 03:15PM

Please email them to Jenny rather than posting them here (nfm)

Laraine 03/11/2005 04:34PM

Next Group Read??

Kathleen 03/10/2005 03:58PM

The next JA Group Read

JulieW 03/10/2005 04:23PM

'A thousand and a thousand thanks'

Emmeline 03/10/2005 10:05AM

Thanks to all

Tara O'Donnell 03/12/2005 09:27AM

thanks to all those people who wrote long pieces

margaret 03/11/2005 09:22PM

Joining in :-)

kathleen (elder) 03/11/2005 09:01PM

My thanks too

Ramya 03/11/2005 07:17PM

Thanks from me, too!

Line 03/11/2005 05:48PM

Very Enjoyable AND Educational!!! (nfm)

Kytti 03/11/2005 05:28PM

I would like to add my thanks also

Jewel 03/11/2005 11:20AM

Thanks to all of you.

Mandy N 03/11/2005 12:22AM


BarbaraB 03/10/2005 11:07PM

All but the paper!

Nancy Ann 03/10/2005 09:32PM

And from me too

Linden 03/10/2005 05:55PM

Wow! This GR was very informative. Thanks all. NFM

Rosalie 03/11/2005 09:12AM

Another Thanks

Odelia 03/10/2005 01:47PM

Same here, for my first experience.

Reeba 03/10/2005 12:49PM

I echo the sentiments...

Lynn 03/10/2005 10:52AM

As do I

Lisa Dalrymple 03/10/2005 12:46PM

and I

Ann2 03/10/2005 05:30PM


Lisa Dalrymple 03/10/2005 07:36PM

Dont be squeamish...

JulieW 03/11/2005 11:53AM

Frank, Final Analysis (Long)

BarbaraB 03/10/2005 12:01AM

Excellent analysis Barbara! Thanks nfm

Ramya 03/12/2005 02:03PM

Thank you

Mary Frances 2 03/10/2005 03:20PM

You have covered...

Reeba 03/10/2005 01:15PM

I agree

Joy V 03/10/2005 04:43PM

Actually Jane...

Reeba 03/11/2005 04:48AM

Those letters...!

Mandy N 03/10/2005 09:41PM

The letter 'pardon'.

Reeba 03/11/2005 04:50AM

Apologies BarbaraB, my spelling.

Mandy N 03/10/2005 11:42PM

No Problem smiling smiley (NFM)

BarbaraB 03/12/2005 10:10AM

A preponderance of "blunders"

Laurel 03/09/2005 05:46PM

Preponderance of "imagination" too.

Rosalie 03/10/2005 11:50PM

'fancy' and 'folly'.

Reeba 03/11/2005 05:05AM

Oh, yes!

gkb 03/09/2005 06:21PM

It may not be...

Reeba 03/10/2005 01:46PM


gkb 03/10/2005 04:46PM

Thanks, G-kay and Jenny!

Laurel 03/10/2005 07:08AM


Jenny Allan 03/09/2005 06:36PM

Where did I put the theory?

gkb 03/09/2005 08:08PM

I do recall...

Mandy N 03/10/2005 02:32AM

Mandy N, YOU are to blame (;-)

gkb 03/10/2005 08:03AM

Well done!

gkb 03/09/2005 07:05PM

The most egregious match-making failure ...

Chris H 03/09/2005 05:00PM

If I were Mr. Weston, I would not have held my breath....

Arnie Perlstein 03/09/2005 10:17PM

"thirteen at least"

Jenny Allan 03/09/2005 02:51PM

It's like those beautiful grounds at Pemberley

Linden 03/09/2005 06:37PM


Jenny Allan 03/09/2005 06:45PM

Such is your preference?

Chris H 03/10/2005 03:52PM

no not just property and rank

Jenny Allan 03/10/2005 06:29PM

Kinda icky

Chris H 03/09/2005 05:35PM

Deeper into the ick factor

Jenny Allan 03/09/2005 06:17PM

More than aesthetic sensibilities.

Chris H 03/12/2005 01:18PM

Character wrap up

joe m 03/09/2005 11:04AM

Just in case

Nancy Ann 03/09/2005 09:34AM