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Northanger Abbey 2006

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Announcement Emma Group Read begins May 7 (schedule in message) 04/21/2017 06:54PM
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Thank you!

Carolyn 05/03/2006 08:44AM

final Limerick winner!

Carolyn 05/03/2006 08:41AM

Cheers to you Sarah! Congrats! nfm grinning smiley

Robbin 05/03/2006 09:47AM

Congratulations ! :-D (nfm)

MandyN 05/03/2006 09:45AM

Congrats, Sarah! :-) nfm

Maisy 05/03/2006 09:31AM

John & The General

Deborah d'Bajor 05/03/2006 03:31AM

Well done!

Maisy 05/03/2006 05:16AM

What do you think about James now?

Maisy 05/02/2006 04:28PM

James is a disappointment...

Robbin 05/03/2006 09:41AM

Oh had so much potential

Kelley B 05/03/2006 07:45AM


Lisa Dalrymple 05/03/2006 08:03AM

I agree. (nfm)

Emmeline 05/03/2006 04:41AM

Much the before.

MandyN 05/02/2006 11:37PM

I agree mostly

Katy B 05/02/2006 09:43PM

Unfortunately I Must Agree...

BarbaraB 05/02/2006 09:42PM


Phil 05/03/2006 08:28AM

Thanks, everyone. A wonderful GR.

Reeba 05/02/2006 04:07PM

Thanks Everyone...

Robbin 05/03/2006 09:50AM


Heather L 05/03/2006 09:22AM

Indeed, it has been a pleasure

Kelley B 05/03/2006 07:52AM

Thanks, it's been fun. smiling smiley

MandyN 05/03/2006 06:22AM


Emmeline 05/03/2006 04:38AM


Deborah d'Bajor 05/03/2006 03:26AM

Very funny...what a great way to bring us to the end! grinning smiley nfm

Robbin 05/03/2006 09:51AM


Lisa Dalrymple 05/03/2006 07:41AM

Wrong place to ask about next book?

Kelly Martinez 05/02/2006 02:59PM

Yes, what's next??

Katy B 05/02/2006 09:34PM

Upcoming group reads

Carolyn 05/02/2006 10:18PM

The General's Dining Room

Carolyn 05/01/2006 08:44PM

Thanks Carolyn - beautiful print! nfm

Jan 05/02/2006 02:53PM

Spacious & gracious...

MandyN 05/02/2006 01:47AM

This is very interesting,

Robbin 05/01/2006 11:19PM

What would have happened to Catherine

Ramya 05/01/2006 08:37PM

Related question

Heather L 05/01/2006 09:42PM

famous dinners

Carolyn 05/01/2006 08:22PM

This is rather an extraordinary...

Robbin 05/01/2006 11:09PM

A menu for hospitality !

MandyN 05/02/2006 01:36AM

Final limerick vote

Carolyn 04/30/2006 09:25AM

Group Read Extension

Carolyn 04/29/2006 01:17PM

Good! -nfm-

Nuria 05/02/2006 12:10PM

How wonderful!

Kelley B 05/01/2006 07:48AM

Goodie! I've been out of town and missed 10 days! nfm

Emmy 04/30/2006 06:04PM

So glad we don't have to say goodbye yet. *nfm*

Reeba 04/30/2006 05:22AM

Thank you very much!

Emmeline 04/30/2006 04:26AM

Thanks! nfm

BarbaraB 04/29/2006 06:18PM

Oh, good!

Nicki 04/29/2006 03:19PM

Great! grinning smiley nfm

Robbin 04/29/2006 05:55PM

Oh, dear sad smiley

Nuria 04/28/2006 03:04PM

From ch. 30: "A very clever Essay"

Heather L 04/28/2006 12:58PM

The little essay...

MandyN 04/29/2006 08:33AM


Heather L 04/29/2006 03:35PM

Thanks for the complete essay. It's very ...

Reeba 04/30/2006 07:19AM

Thanks, I've bookmarked it! nfm

Katy B 04/29/2006 11:18PM

Isabella rocks !

MandyN 04/30/2006 06:39AM

Thanks :-D

Heather L 05/01/2006 11:38AM

Teenager Catherine's reaction.

Reeba 05/01/2006 12:22PM

Mrs. Morland - another reader ? Like daughter like mother?

Reeba 04/29/2006 04:23AM

Mrs. Morland

Heather L 04/29/2006 03:44PM

Well...that's an interesting thought.

Emmeline 04/29/2006 04:32AM

Eleanor as a good friend and daughter (focus)

Pennie 04/27/2006 10:48PM

On Eleanor and NA...

MandyN 04/29/2006 04:57AM

Parental tyranny and filial devotion.

Reeba 04/28/2006 11:34AM

"NA is a more complex work than I gave it credit for"

Delories 04/28/2006 10:03AM

Not so knowledgeable, but..

Reeba 04/28/2006 12:01PM

Final Limerick Contest

Carolyn 04/26/2006 08:04PM

My final entry smiling smiley

Ramya 04/29/2006 04:06PM

Final Entry

BarbaraB 04/29/2006 12:37PM

My first and final try

Mona M 04/29/2006 10:17AM

Reposting limeric with readable last line....

Mona M 05/01/2006 01:32PM

My contribution...

MandyN 04/29/2006 07:35AM

It's me again... grinning smiley

Robbin 04/29/2006 06:18AM

My first and final try winking smiley

Sabrina Marie 04/28/2006 11:04AM

And Finally.....

Deborah d'Bajor 04/28/2006 10:51AM

:-D *nfm*

Reeba 04/28/2006 12:33PM

Here's a try

Denise S 04/28/2006 09:03AM

One more time for the GR Limerick Contest smiling smiley

Kelley B 04/27/2006 09:48PM

And mine

Sarah Hannah 04/27/2006 05:06PM


Heather L 04/27/2006 03:49PM


Lisa Dalrymple 04/27/2006 12:27PM

Here's mine

Reeba 04/27/2006 08:24AM