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Mansfield Park 2007

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Announcement Emma Group Read begins May 7 (schedule in message) 04/21/2017 06:54PM
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MP Round Up

Tifah 12/02/2007 04:24PM

Good reading Tifah--enjoyed your conclusions

Robbin 12/02/2007 05:51PM

Thank you for your thoughts, Tifah.

Reeba 12/02/2007 05:29PM

Grand Finale - last day of the group read

LaurieC 12/02/2007 12:07PM

Adding my thanks, Laurie: most inspiring

BarbaraB 12/02/2007 03:10PM

No!! It can't be over!! ;-)

JoAnn 12/02/2007 02:44PM

They are all great JoAnn. :-)

Reeba 12/02/2007 03:25PM


Robbin 12/02/2007 03:17PM

Oh, fun limericks !

Mandy N 12/02/2007 02:54PM

Yes - wow! And I'm still scrambling to read all the posts!

Elb 12/02/2007 02:04PM

Thankyou Laurie & everyone :-)

Mandy N 12/02/2007 01:41PM

Thanks, Mandy. Lovely way to end. nfm

Reeba 12/02/2007 02:14PM

Lovely picture and thanks! (;D) nfm

Robbin 12/02/2007 01:56PM

Many thanks, Laurie, Julie, and all participants! (nfm)

Louise H 12/02/2007 01:23PM

Thank you Laurie C , & thank you everyone!

Rachel G 12/02/2007 01:01PM

Thank you LaurieC (;D)

Robbin 12/02/2007 01:00PM

Thank you Laurie. :-) nfm

Lila 12/02/2007 12:56PM

Thank you, Laurie :-)

Reeba 12/02/2007 12:47PM

Three cheers (at least) for our fabulous moderator!

Joan Ellen 12/02/2007 12:20PM

And a special thanks to JulieW...

LaurieC 12/02/2007 12:12PM

Yes, a special thanks...

Reeba 12/02/2007 03:59PM

For JulieW

BarbaraB 12/02/2007 03:14PM

Bless you dearest,

JulieW 12/02/2007 02:49PM

Sad to see it end! But wow, thank you!!grinning smiley nfm

Tifah 12/02/2007 02:27PM

Many thanks Julie,

Mandy N 12/02/2007 01:47PM


Robbin 12/02/2007 01:05PM

I second the thanks to JulieW, for the GR & L&T too! :-)

Joan Ellen 12/02/2007 12:24PM

Amen to that!

Rachel G 12/02/2007 01:09PM

Foreshadowing Dr Grant.

Rachel G 12/02/2007 10:08AM

Death of a parson bookends...

Robbin 12/02/2007 01:54PM

Mrs. Crawford's death

Graciela 12/02/2007 02:46PM

Excellent! Oh so significant--good catch! (;D) Thanks. nfm

Robbin 12/02/2007 03:22PM

Ch. 48 MP turned upside down...

Moni 12/02/2007 08:51AM

'no difficulties behind'

Joan Ellen 12/02/2007 10:05AM


Rachel G 12/02/2007 10:21AM


Joan Ellen 12/02/2007 10:26AM

Tidbits among the adverts

Robbin 12/02/2007 01:51AM

But he didn't sell his hunter. It was a road-horse.

Graciela 12/02/2007 03:38PM

So it is. LoL! (;D) nfm

Robbin 12/02/2007 03:50PM

Love it! nfm

BarbaraB 12/02/2007 02:36PM

LOL!! Wonderful tidbit pickings.

Reeba 12/02/2007 10:48AM

Oh, excellent! LOL!!! :-D *nfm*

LaurieC 12/02/2007 02:27AM

Glad you mention this!...

Moni 12/02/2007 02:15AM

I agree...

Robbin 12/02/2007 03:59AM

It's so complex...

Moni 12/02/2007 04:02AM

It isn

Robbin 12/02/2007 04:52AM

I always wonder with a complex text such as this...

JoAnn 12/02/2007 03:03PM

I wish we knew how JA did it...

Robbin 12/02/2007 03:39PM

Well said...

Moni 12/02/2007 04:57AM

Now we know. ;D

Mandy N 12/02/2007 04:47AM

LOL! ;-D (nfm)

Moni 12/02/2007 06:35AM

LOL! Psychic indeed. :-) (nfm)

JoAnn 12/02/2007 02:08AM

LOL. Glad to see I'm not the only one still up! nfm

Connie 12/02/2007 02:06AM

What happened to HC in the end?

JoAnn 12/02/2007 12:29AM

Ch. 48 - Henry & Maria separated

LaurieC 12/02/2007 12:37AM

That's what I thought

JoAnn 12/02/2007 12:41AM

What so you think of this: Hope

BarbaraB 12/01/2007 11:24PM

The hope of Mansfield...

Mandy N 12/02/2007 01:16PM

I would like to...

Reeba 12/02/2007 10:43AM

What else but the arrival or expectation of children

Joan Ellen 12/02/2007 09:56AM

Yes, I would agree the text means that;-) (nfm)

Moni 12/02/2007 04:47AM

The pitter-patter of little Fanny feet...

Robbin 12/02/2007 03:56AM

Absolutely agree

Tarn 12/02/2007 01:38AM

Sure seems like it to me

JoAnn 12/02/2007 12:39AM

More details on book?

LaurieC 12/01/2007 11:48PM

Book Title

BarbaraB 12/02/2007 09:22AM

MP in general...

Moni 12/01/2007 10:34PM

I read this differently,

Connie 12/02/2007 02:18AM

I read it like that too Connie. (;D) nfm

Robbin 12/02/2007 04:02AM

I need to expand on this more, I think...

Moni 12/02/2007 04:19AM

Not preachy or highly moralistic?

Louise H 12/02/2007 11:17AM

You do have a point

Joan Ellen 12/02/2007 11:46AM

As I think of it

Louise H 12/02/2007 11:54AM

I feel the same...

Rachel G 12/02/2007 01:21PM

Maybe it's not city vs rural, but...

Reeba 12/02/2007 02:21PM

I agree and

Crystal 12/02/2007 06:36PM

I agree

JoAnn 12/02/2007 02:52PM

We know that the Regency era...

Reeba 12/02/2007 11:27AM


Joan Ellen 12/02/2007 10:08AM

I'm not so sure...

Reeba 12/02/2007 11:18AM

Oh dear!

Joan Ellen 12/02/2007 11:41AM

Not so silly, IMO.

Rachel G 12/02/2007 10:53AM

So you DO think Pug would have a shot at Best of Breed?

Joan Ellen 12/02/2007 11:30AM


Rachel G 12/02/2007 12:33PM

I agree, there are no terrible reckonings

Robbin 12/02/2007 05:12AM

Yes, it's a good pattern...

Moni 12/02/2007 06:34AM

Yes, it's like...

Moni 12/02/2007 02:29AM

Could someone clarify the Dr. Grant situation at the end?

Adrian 12/01/2007 08:26PM

What made me laugh out loud was to realize

Joan Ellen 12/02/2007 09:23AM


Rachel G 12/02/2007 10:28AM

My dear little creature

Joan Ellen 12/02/2007 10:34AM

PC unfried, beauty & health intact, thanks! LOL!

Rachel G 12/02/2007 11:48AM

"I have no idea but of residence"

Tina T 12/01/2007 08:42PM

We also know that they moved to the MP parsonage...

Christopher 12/01/2007 09:22PM

I meant to say

Tina T 12/01/2007 10:44PM

Are the Crawford revelations realistic?

Louise H 12/01/2007 02:49PM

Very simple IMO ;-)

Reeba 12/02/2007 05:23AM

A small mistake creating a big reaction

Tifah 12/01/2007 05:30PM

Mary made no secret....

Moni 12/01/2007 08:55PM

Mary didn't transcend early influences...

Mandy N 12/02/2007 02:25PM

I agree, except

JoAnn 12/02/2007 03:17PM

That's possible,

Mandy N 12/02/2007 04:28PM

You're not the first to have this reaction

Joan Ellen 12/01/2007 04:40PM

Getting Rid of Henry

Luc 12/02/2007 01:23AM

I think you may be reading to much here...

Lila 12/02/2007 12:44PM

You make a good case

Joan Ellen 12/02/2007 09:18AM

I don't think he was trying to make amends...

Elb 12/02/2007 02:51PM

What great comments!

JoAnn 12/01/2007 07:10PM

Thank you!

Louise H 12/01/2007 04:49PM

Hmm... Sort of..

Rachel G 12/01/2007 03:44PM

"Because he could not help it."

Louise H 12/01/2007 05:16PM

Maria as villain, Henry as helpless victim.

Connie 12/02/2007 02:46AM

Thanks. Will be thinking about it :-) nfm

Reeba 12/02/2007 02:16PM

The no-novel novel...

Moni 12/02/2007 04:52AM

Breaking the conventions.

Rachel G 12/02/2007 09:03AM


JoAnn 12/02/2007 03:31PM

I have nothing to say which will amaze the entire room

Robbin 12/02/2007 01:17PM

Very interesting thoughts to ponder -- thanks all! [nfm]

Joan Ellen 12/02/2007 09:12AM

I always saw this as

Tifah 12/01/2007 07:14PM

Careless, but not heartless

Tina T 12/01/2007 06:33PM

That's feasible

JoAnn 12/01/2007 07:14PM

Ch. 48 - Julia

LaurieC 12/01/2007 01:11PM

Julia was smarter...

Moni 12/01/2007 08:38PM

She was 'less the darling...'

Mandy N 12/01/2007 02:31PM

I also think she eloped

Crystal 12/01/2007 03:19PM

It's not such a bad thing for her

JoAnn 12/01/2007 07:19PM

Oh I agree

Crystal 12/01/2007 08:31PM

Was this because she still...

Moni 12/01/2007 09:09PM

maybe not HC

Crystal 12/01/2007 10:58PM

I agree - not HC

JoAnn 12/02/2007 12:16AM

Any thoughts on this...

Moni 12/02/2007 12:58AM

Okay, this is what I get

JoAnn 12/02/2007 01:23AM

Isn't it weird...

Moni 12/02/2007 02:20AM

Julia's marriage propects

Frances Anne 12/01/2007 02:20PM

I do not doubt Julia had some thoughts along the lines...

Adrian 12/01/2007 08:04PM

I wish we could see the scene...

Tina T 12/01/2007 08:37PM

LOL! Me too! nfm

Elb 12/02/2007 02:28PM

Ch. 48 - First inclination?

LaurieC 12/01/2007 11:45AM

I read this as a reference to Mary and Edmund

Christopher 12/01/2007 12:23PM

What I think it means

Joan Ellen 12/01/2007 12:19PM

Perfect sense! Thank you! *nfm*

LaurieC 12/01/2007 12:22PM

The End of MP

Rebecca K 12/01/2007 05:27AM

My opinions of MP have undergone a complete revolution

Tina T 12/02/2007 12:54PM

I enjoyed this group read very much.

Lila 12/01/2007 11:30PM

Would you have felt...

Moni 12/02/2007 03:59AM

Isn't it great

JoAnn 12/01/2007 07:25PM

My opinion about MP underwent....

Reeba 12/01/2007 01:53PM

What surprised me was that Sir Thomas felt obliged...

Adrian 12/01/2007 08:30PM


Elb 11/30/2007 10:33PM

Fanny and Edmund's match, more than any other JA...

Adrian 12/01/2007 10:50AM

Ch. 48 - Edmund's earnest pursuit

LaurieC 12/01/2007 11:21AM

And Fanny's response

Ramya 12/01/2007 03:45PM

Let no one presume Fanny's feelings for Edmund.

Reeba 12/01/2007 08:05PM

Totally agree;-) (nfm)

Moni 12/02/2007 02:40AM

Be careful what you pray for...

Tarn 12/01/2007 01:51AM

Defending Edmund

Connie 12/02/2007 01:48AM

Good Defense/Edmund's Blindness

BarbaraB 12/02/2007 11:43AM

Me too! ;-)

Joan Ellen 12/02/2007 09:00AM

Great post Connie! Loved it! nfm (;D)

Robbin 12/02/2007 04:16AM

What bothers me

BarbaraB 12/01/2007 10:48PM

There is this talk of *eyes* - light and dark.

Reeba 12/02/2007 12:43PM

This was interesting...

Elb 12/02/2007 02:05PM

This was my initial feeling too

Elb 12/02/2007 09:43AM

Perceptive Henry??? When, where how ?? ;-)

Reeba 12/01/2007 08:23PM

Not perceptive, but appreciative...

Lila 12/01/2007 11:00PM

Ironic that Maria unconsiciously adopted Fanny's...

Adrian 12/01/2007 08:35PM

lol... good point! nfm

Tina T 12/01/2007 09:07PM

This is so interesting to me

JoAnn 12/01/2007 07:53PM

LOL. I'm glad you said this

Tifah 12/01/2007 05:00PM

Edmund has two faults....

Rachel G 12/01/2007 03:06PM

Edmund may not hear her and may give bad advice...

Adrian 12/01/2007 08:45PM

Very well said, Adrian...

Moni 12/02/2007 02:57AM

This reminds me

Tifah 12/01/2007 05:05PM

So true--good point! (;D) nfm

Robbin 12/01/2007 05:45PM

Henry attentive?

Crystal 12/01/2007 12:36PM

Henry in Portsmouth was very attentive

Tina T 12/01/2007 06:46PM

He was but

Crystal 12/01/2007 08:43PM

I agree, he was wrong to keep pursuing Fanny...

Tina T 12/01/2007 09:02PM


Robbin 12/01/2007 11:37PM

Oh no, I'm not blaming Fanny at all

Tina T 12/02/2007 11:03AM

At the risk of repeating myself

Joan Ellen 12/02/2007 08:44AM

Power and responsibility

Robbin 12/02/2007 02:18PM

I think Henry knows the meaning of the word no

Crystal 12/01/2007 11:30PM

That's it--I agree. (;D) nfm

Robbin 12/01/2007 11:40PM

Dear Edmund

Rebecca K 12/01/2007 05:18AM

I'll second that! (nfm)

JoAnn 12/01/2007 07:59PM

Edmund and Fanny....

Mandy N 12/01/2007 01:14PM

Absolutely!;-D (nfm)

Moni 12/02/2007 02:59AM

As attentive and perceptive as Henry?

Ramya 12/01/2007 03:59AM

Edmund as a suitable suitor for the times

marianna 12/01/2007 04:28AM

Tepid feelings? winking smiley

Ramya 12/01/2007 03:35PM

Do I have this right?

Elb 11/30/2007 10:22PM

Does HC see himself...

Moni 12/02/2007 03:51AM

My take on the anger

Tifah 12/01/2007 01:29PM

Anger management

Robbin 12/01/2007 03:30AM

My Interpretation...

BarbaraB 12/01/2007 09:43PM

Very true, but I had chp 30 at the back of my mind

Elb 12/01/2007 09:30PM

Henry's reform

Joan Ellen 12/01/2007 12:13PM

Reforming Henry

Robbin 12/02/2007 03:23AM

I shall not beat you

Joan Ellen 12/02/2007 10:02AM


BarbaraB 12/01/2007 09:27PM

Good point.

Connie 12/01/2007 08:55PM

I hadn't caught this before

JoAnn 12/01/2007 08:23PM

I agree!

Tifah 12/01/2007 01:02PM

Ch. 48 - Anger on Fanny's account

LaurieC 11/30/2007 11:11PM