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Northanger Abbey 2009

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Announcement Emma Group Read begins May 7 (schedule in message) 04/21/2017 06:54PM
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Many thanks, and our last cinquain winner...

Lynn 03/29/2009 03:25PM

smiling smiley Reeba---Congratulations---Loved it. nfm

BarbaraB 03/29/2009 06:20PM

Congrats Reeba--wonderful! (;D) nfm

Robbin 03/29/2009 06:17PM

Great Group Read

BarbaraB 03/28/2009 09:59AM

I've enjoyed it and learnt from it too. Thank you all! nfm

Tom P2 03/29/2009 07:09PM

Good job Lynn, way to go! (nfm)

TimLee 03/29/2009 04:08PM

Next Group Read - Sir Charles Grandison?

Ellen M 03/29/2009 01:01PM

This was my very first RoP Group Read

Ellen M 03/29/2009 12:34PM

Have we finished already?

MarianneR 03/29/2009 10:47AM

Hear, Hear!

nan duval 03/29/2009 09:33AM

Thanks to Lynn and all the readers

Virginia 03/29/2009 08:03AM

Thank you!

Emmeline 03/29/2009 05:20AM

Oh, No!

gianni 03/29/2009 01:01AM


Robbin 03/28/2009 11:58PM

Thanks, everybody!

JoAnn 03/28/2009 11:56PM

Thanks Lynn and all participants...

Moni 03/28/2009 05:58PM

Thank you all

Rachel G 03/28/2009 04:33PM

Very informative and interesting...

Reeba 03/28/2009 11:00AM

Thanks for a great GR, everybody! :-)

Line 03/28/2009 10:04AM

Ch.31: Jane Austen, fairy godmother?

Line 03/28/2009 09:55AM

HA -- Eleanor as Cinderella!

Cathy Allen 03/28/2009 01:13PM

I hope it's not out of order ...

gianni 03/27/2009 09:49PM

How interesting

JoAnn 03/29/2009 01:24AM

VERY interesting, thanks, gianni! (nfm)

Cathy Allen 03/28/2009 01:07PM

Post chaise

Lynn 03/27/2009 07:13PM

Wow, thanks, Lynn; that's not at all what I thought!

Cathy Allen 03/27/2009 09:57PM

Ch 31: clandestine correspondence

Julia Catherine 03/27/2009 12:36PM


Robbin 03/27/2009 02:23PM

Thanks! nfm

Julia Catherine 03/27/2009 04:21PM

Ch.30: Knowledge of other people's finances

Line 03/27/2009 08:25AM

It helped, perhaps, that Catherine and the Allens had...

Adrian 03/27/2009 12:23PM

Ch.30: The origin of Henry's affection

Line 03/27/2009 08:09AM

Oh my!

Ellen M 03/27/2009 03:40PM

Gratitude in Action

Robbin 03/27/2009 11:41AM

Compared to those who formerly sought Henry's...

Adrian 03/27/2009 12:15PM

Would there have been any such people?

Tom P2 03/27/2009 05:30PM

So how did you do with your focus?

Lynn 03/27/2009 06:54AM

Accidental focus: Thorpe and the General

TimLee 03/29/2009 05:43PM

First time reader's thoughts

Cathy Allen 03/27/2009 09:48PM


Robbin 03/27/2009 09:41PM

re-reading NA

Emmeline 03/27/2009 04:40PM

My focus on Henry's POV got a bit diffused

Tom P2 03/27/2009 04:08PM

Thanks, Tom, ...

gianni 03/27/2009 08:39PM

About Henry and Isabella (longish, sorry!)

Line 03/28/2009 09:38AM

So let me rephrase ...

gianni 03/29/2009 02:02AM

Simple, proper prudence combined with filial respect

Robbin 03/29/2009 02:17PM

I agree

JoAnn 03/29/2009 10:46AM


Robbin 03/28/2009 11:49PM

Interpretations, and the expression 'met with'

Tom P2 03/28/2009 05:47PM

Another alternative ;-)

Reeba 03/28/2009 11:41AM

I didn't have a focus, but learned something new

Ellen M 03/27/2009 10:58AM

At least three surprises

Line 03/27/2009 09:04AM

One of the points...

Reeba 03/27/2009 10:17AM

Exactly why it was such a slip-up...

Line 03/27/2009 05:51PM

Financially more attractive. nfm

Reeba 03/28/2009 10:56AM

But Isabella was already dancing with Capt. Tilney...

Adrian 03/27/2009 12:09PM

Mrs. Radcliffe

Virginia 03/28/2009 09:39AM

Mrs. Moreland's prescience

TimLee 03/26/2009 01:12PM

One think I like is that

Lynn 03/26/2009 01:56PM

"the decent appearance of consent "

TimLee 03/26/2009 03:37PM

Sequel - General Tilney remarries!

Ellen M 03/26/2009 07:32PM

They deserve each other!

JoAnn 03/26/2009 09:08PM

Ch.29-30: The Morlands' reaction

Line 03/26/2009 09:13AM

Good points, all of you! :-) (nfm)

Line 03/26/2009 05:49PM

Needless trouble

Robbin 03/26/2009 09:23PM

Mrs. Morland's caution to Sarah.

Adrian 03/27/2009 12:07PM


MarianneR 03/28/2009 05:18PM

Nah, she was just being a typical kid sister! (nfm)

Cathy Allen 03/27/2009 12:25PM

As a younger sister myself, I agree with Cathy A. nfm

Ellen M 03/27/2009 03:02PM

Yes, IMO what's so funny about...

Line 03/27/2009 05:12PM

Yes, indeed!

Emmeline 03/28/2009 05:54AM

Exactly! Well said. nfm

Ellen M 03/27/2009 09:17PM

The Morlands have 9 other children to take care of...

Cathy Allen 03/26/2009 04:06PM

Perhaps Mrs Morland is...

Reeba 03/26/2009 11:20AM

The Morland's reaction

Lisa Dalrymple 03/26/2009 11:08AM

The line that I like

Lynn 03/26/2009 10:22AM

That line about practice

JoAnn 03/26/2009 11:19AM

Yet another shift of mood - more LOL lines!

JoAnn 03/26/2009 01:31AM

Good choices, among so many!

Cathy Allen 03/26/2009 11:21AM

Typical Mrs Allen. CH 29

Reeba 03/26/2009 11:09AM

Henry's line in Chapter 27

Ellen M 03/26/2009 09:45AM

Ch30,31 - When you break rules, break 'em good and hard

Tom P2 03/26/2009 04:53AM

This is what I love about the narrator's voice in this book

JoAnn 03/26/2009 11:16AM

And this is what makes NA so difficult to adapt.

Adrian 03/26/2009 12:09PM

Good point! (nfm)

Line 03/26/2009 05:15PM

Which is pretty much exactly what JA's family did!

Cathy Allen 03/26/2009 11:32AM

Audiobooks, hmmm... another medium to enjoy =) nfm

Ellen M 03/26/2009 05:54PM

NA audio book

Cathy Allen 03/27/2009 12:29PM

And it shows in this book

JoAnn 03/26/2009 11:46AM

When Eleanor says they have another engagement

JoAnn 03/26/2009 01:14AM

Chalk up another believer here!

Line 03/26/2009 09:17AM

We know that they did actually go

JoAnn 03/26/2009 11:23AM

She realizes that the general was getting rid of her

Graciela 03/26/2009 03:38PM

To make her travel on Sunday!

Leah Noel 03/26/2009 07:21PM

I hadn't even noticed that!

JoAnn 03/26/2009 10:06PM

Ah; a reason why the letter would be addressed to Alice

Cathy Allen 03/26/2009 11:10AM


Ra 03/27/2009 11:44AM

More about Alice and that letter

Line 03/27/2009 05:25PM

It did happen:

Lisa Dalrymple 03/26/2009 11:20AM

Thanks, Lisa! (nfm)

Cathy Allen 03/26/2009 11:24AM

Lessons in duplicity

JoAnn 03/26/2009 01:05AM

Good Call

Robbin 03/27/2009 12:48AM

Catherine realizing the mixture of good and bad

Ellen M 03/27/2009 10:47AM

Catherine's visit to Woodston

JoAnn 03/26/2009 12:53AM

"The cottage remains"

Graciela 03/27/2009 01:04AM

More insight into Henry's nature through his environment

Delories 03/26/2009 03:28PM

I especially love the scene in front of the house

MarianneR 03/26/2009 03:22PM

I love this, too.

Lynn 03/26/2009 06:59AM

Like father, like son

Tom P2 03/26/2009 05:11AM

And I'm much more likely to believe

JoAnn 03/26/2009 11:27AM