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History of England 2004

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Fup Winners

Carolyn 08/28/2004 09:04PM

Thank you everyone

Carolyn 08/28/2004 10:28AM

No, no - thank you!

Cheryl 08/28/2004 05:55PM

Many thanks

Cinthia 08/28/2004 06:36PM

I'll add my thanks

Debra Mc 08/28/2004 01:21PM

My thanks too. Great fun. nfm

Linden 08/28/2004 01:58PM

So much fun

Myretta 08/28/2004 11:58AM

We were lucky

Carolyn 08/28/2004 01:17PM

Thank you, Carolyn!

LaurieC 08/28/2004 11:46AM

I'm sorry this is ending ;-(

JulieW 08/28/2004 04:50AM

Thanks a lot

Nikki G 08/28/2004 11:18AM

Thankyou indeed.

Mandy N 08/28/2004 10:39AM

Scatching the surface

Carolyn 08/28/2004 10:22AM

Facisimile Edition

Carolyn 08/27/2004 08:30PM

Wrap Up - Further Reading

Deborah d'Bajor 08/27/2004 10:17AM

On the lighter fictional side

Carolyn 08/28/2004 11:12AM

Child's History of England

Elena 08/28/2004 12:32AM

1066 and all that

Linden 08/27/2004 04:29PM

No, there's everything

JulieW 08/28/2004 03:33AM

The Faithful Five & The Gang Leaders

Carolyn 08/26/2004 09:52PM

The Strafford family

Linden 08/27/2004 12:57AM


Carolyn 08/26/2004 08:00PM

I'm terrible at these

Cheryl 08/27/2004 11:36AM


Lisa Dalrymple 08/27/2004 11:50AM

The car-pet and the Duke

Cinthia 08/27/2004 11:59AM

The car-pet and the teenager

Elena 08/28/2004 12:21AM


Lisa Dalrymple 08/27/2004 12:08PM

did not behave like gentleman

Carolyn 08/26/2004 07:43PM


Mandy N 08/27/2004 11:56PM

Third time lucky! (nfm)

Mandy N 08/28/2004 04:54AM


Cheryl 08/27/2004 11:39AM

it was hoot

Carolyn 08/27/2004 08:02PM

Here's Goldsmith's take

JulieW 08/27/2004 11:27AM

Very uncivil indeed!!

Deborah d'Bajor 08/27/2004 03:27AM

Thank you!

MaryAnn K. 08/27/2004 06:39PM

Another recommendation

Line 08/26/2004 09:37PM

FUP Suggestions -- Read this post first please

Carolyn 08/26/2004 07:03PM

Here's mine

Debra Mc 08/27/2004 10:29PM

My suggestions

Carolyn 08/27/2004 07:51PM

Goodness Carolyn

JulieW 08/28/2004 04:55AM

Some more

Cheryl 08/27/2004 02:43PM

I love "vent my spleen"! nfm.

JulieW 08/28/2004 04:54AM


Lisa Dalrymple 08/27/2004 11:35AM


Deborah d'Bajor 08/27/2004 05:03AM


Mandy N 08/27/2004 12:15AM

King Charles 1

Carolyn 08/26/2004 02:26PM


Cheryl 08/27/2004 11:26AM


Deborah d'Bajor 08/27/2004 03:28AM

King James 1

Carolyn 08/26/2004 02:24PM

Ja and Sheridan's The Critic

JulieW 08/26/2004 09:45AM

Hollywood fictionalize with a love story? NO!

Joanmarie 08/26/2004 09:56AM

I'm sure Sheridan

JulieW 08/26/2004 10:24AM

The Defenders of Mary

JulieW 08/26/2004 05:24AM


Karen G 08/27/2004 12:52AM

Oh dear - too funny!

Deborah d'Bajor 08/26/2004 06:26AM

The Spy Master

Carolyn 08/25/2004 09:29PM


Myretta 08/26/2004 06:49AM

Ah yes....

JulieW 08/26/2004 07:36AM

Fortheringay Castle

Carolyn 08/25/2004 08:37PM


Deborah d'Bajor 08/26/2004 03:32AM

it was also

JulieW 08/26/2004 04:35AM


Myretta 08/26/2004 06:24AM

Fotheringhay again

Deborah d'Bajor 08/26/2004 06:29AM