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Love and Freindship

An archive of The Republic of Pemberley's Response to the events of 9/11
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Harvest wishes

gkb 09/15/2001 09:56AM

Thanks! you too! NFM

BarbaraK 09/16/2001 05:38PM

patriotic songs/lyrics

AnneM 09/15/2001 09:13AM


William L 09/15/2001 08:15AM

A special hymn - please read

Anne P 09/15/2001 08:28AM

Just read it

William L 09/15/2001 10:55AM

Sydney Olympics

Lauren Rose 09/15/2001 07:14AM


Anne P 09/15/2001 07:04AM


Ree 09/15/2001 04:34PM

Amen, Dear Heart. Love. nfm

Linda Fern 09/15/2001 10:51AM

Finding it hard to sleep....

Ursula 09/15/2001 03:59AM

Thank you for a message of hope and peace nfm

Vero 09/16/2001 03:33PM

TKS Ursula nfm

William L 09/15/2001 10:57AM

Thank you for your inspiring words (nfm)

Elizabeth Cretaro 09/15/2001 07:37AM


Anne P 09/15/2001 06:41AM

Thank you, Ursa, this was beautiful... nfm

Ulrike 09/15/2001 06:04AM

amazing Ursula (nfm)

Daniela 09/15/2001 04:42AM

Beautiful, Ursa, thank you .... (NFM)

Sabine 09/15/2001 04:23AM

The Washington memorial - if you're still up...

Joan, too 09/15/2001 02:23AM

I feel so ashamed

Daniela 09/15/2001 01:42AM

Blessings of ROP

William L 09/15/2001 10:40PM

It IS most appropriate

Elizabeth S 09/15/2001 03:26PM

Well said! (nfm)

Joan, too 09/15/2001 10:49PM


Laraine 09/15/2001 06:00PM

thank you for always being so kind and understanding smiling smiley *nfm*

Daniela 09/16/2001 02:23AM

There are many ways to celebrate

Natalie S 09/15/2001 09:16AM


William L 09/15/2001 08:11AM

Seconded. nfm

Anne P 09/15/2001 08:29AM

Finding myself unjust to others

Ree 09/15/2001 12:33AM

My own momentary lapse in composure..

Karen W. 09/16/2001 08:06PM

Take a deep breath,

kathleen (elder) 09/16/2001 08:33PM

don't be frustrated!

NicoleC 09/15/2001 03:05PM

Regretting having posted

Ree 09/15/2001 07:24PM


Captain Everett 09/15/2001 11:29PM

Thanks to Cpt. Everett, Kristen G. and all of you...

Ree 09/16/2001 01:55AM


Kristen G. 09/15/2001 08:29PM

Thanks, Kristen G. nfm

Ree 09/16/2001 01:39AM

No regrets, please

Kathleen (elder) 09/15/2001 07:28PM

Thank you, Kathleen. nfm.

Ree 09/15/2001 07:28PM

Do not feel regret....

Irene M 09/15/2001 07:26PM

Thank you, Irene. nfm.

Ree 09/15/2001 07:27PM

about teens..

Kristen G. 09/15/2001 12:29PM

Yes, you are right...

Ree 09/15/2001 03:59PM

The kids

William L 09/15/2001 02:04PM

Don't be - you're normal

Anne P 09/15/2001 07:10AM

Thank you, Anne. nfm

Ree 09/15/2001 03:43PM


Marie-Bernadette 09/15/2001 12:08AM

Poor Lilija!

BarbaraK 09/15/2001 06:43PM

"Battle Hymn of the Republic"

Maisy 09/14/2001 11:59PM

Peace on Earth

AnneM 09/15/2001 08:29AM

Thank you very much for that, Maisy! (NFM)

Brooke E 09/15/2001 05:18AM

The new greeting in New York

Jen K 09/14/2001 11:26PM

We are not alone, thank goodness

Sansanee 09/15/2001 07:31AM

Speaking of cell phones...

Julie P. 09/15/2001 03:26PM


Sansanee 09/16/2001 11:43AM

Business as usual?

Brooke E 09/15/2001 05:29AM

We're open, but...

Julie P. 09/15/2001 07:27AM

ROP: Balm for a wounded soul

EllenG 09/14/2001 11:19PM

The children

Karen A 09/14/2001 11:06PM

Children & teachers

kathleen (elder) 09/15/2001 07:18AM

I have heard...

Brooke E 09/15/2001 05:38AM

ABC, Peter Jennings program for childern, Sat 10-noon, nfm

PeggyS 09/15/2001 01:02AM

Thank you

Lucie 09/14/2001 10:54PM