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Love and Freindship

An archive of The Republic of Pemberley's Response to the events of 9/11
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Announcement Emma Group Read begins May 7 (schedule in message) 04/21/2017 06:54PM
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Important Message - Please Read

Martine 09/14/2001 09:06AM

Sorry for erroneous double posting NM

Martine 09/14/2001 09:36AM

The way I feel...

Geertje 09/14/2001 08:48AM

A happy story

Rachie 09/14/2001 02:44AM

Oh , so sweet and with happy ending ! (NFM)

Buba 09/14/2001 03:02PM

Amor vincit omnia. nfm

Debra R 09/14/2001 09:15AM

Ditto! (nfm)

Laraine 09/14/2001 09:20AM

It is good to laugh...

Martine 09/14/2001 09:12AM

Thank you ...

Sandra R 09/14/2001 06:07AM

thanks, that lightens my heart NFM

Sansanee 09/14/2001 06:01AM

Beautiful story in such a disaster

Emilie Marie 09/14/2001 05:19AM


Sharm 09/14/2001 04:39AM

10 years? Men! what a waste of time! nfm

Constanza 09/14/2001 02:48PM

Like Emma...

gkb 09/15/2001 05:28PM

aw *goofy grin* NFM

Daniela 09/14/2001 05:18AM

ditto goofy grin :-) (nfm)

Sabrina 09/14/2001 01:40PM

around the world...

Claire 09/14/2001 01:45AM

The Biggest Prayer of all time.......

Sabine 09/15/2001 05:09AM

My sympathy to all of you

Geertje 09/14/2001 08:23AM

I was so proud...

Amy BC 09/14/2001 11:42AM

exactly the same over here in belgium

Leen 09/14/2001 02:12PM

British Grief

Margaret Smith 09/14/2001 07:33AM

Bless the Brits!

Tay 09/15/2001 02:15AM

Thank You Britain!!!nfm

marysue 09/14/2001 08:00PM

Additionally ...

Bernie 09/14/2001 05:14PM

I saw it on CNN...

BarbaraK 09/14/2001 11:55AM

Light a Candle

LisA 09/14/2001 06:50AM

day of mourning and solidarity

Silke2 09/14/2001 02:59AM

In Oz, Sunday is National Day of Mourning and Remembrance

Ian 09/14/2001 03:43AM

France's mourning day

Emilie Marie 09/14/2001 05:47AM

Your message means so much

Kathleen M. 09/14/2001 07:38PM

(applause and tears)

Kendra Crispin 09/14/2001 12:08PM

I am proud to be French today

Martine 09/14/2001 09:31AM

Thank you for the report and the comforting words

kathleen (elder) 09/14/2001 06:11AM

our community

NicoleC 09/14/2001 12:12AM

Mozart Requiem

Lydia C. 09/14/2001 12:30AM

also listened to his Requiem

NicoleC 09/14/2001 12:33AM

Sang it last night

Linnea A 09/14/2001 04:17AM

I was there, Linnea! It was lovely.

Emilia 09/14/2001 08:56AM

Listening tomorrow

Elysha 09/14/2001 01:19AM

What was played during the DC Memorial Service?

Tay 09/15/2001 06:47PM

listened to Faure's Requiem. love it. nfm

NicoleC 09/14/2001 01:49PM

Try also the Brahms or Faure Requiems (nfm)

Joan, too 09/14/2001 04:24AM

Or the Verdi nfm.

Debra R 09/14/2001 08:06AM

Or John Rutter's (nfm)

Laurel 09/14/2001 08:51AM

Friend found

Lauren Rose 09/13/2001 11:09PM

so glad for you and your friend NFM

Sansanee 09/15/2001 07:05AM

So glad ! (NFM)

Buba 09/14/2001 02:59PM

Good news

Golda 09/14/2001 12:09PM

I'm so glad

Myretta 09/14/2001 06:10AM

Tropical Storms in Florida

Suzybeth 09/13/2001 10:49PM


Laraine 09/14/2001 09:19AM

Fellow Floridian!

Lisa Dalrymple 09/14/2001 08:28AM

Gabrielle made landfall

Suzybeth 09/14/2001 09:47AM

I heard it had moved away.

Laraine 09/15/2001 05:35PM

More thoughts on blood donation

Courtney 09/13/2001 10:46PM


EJean 09/14/2001 01:31AM

Northern CA Ren Faire donating its proceeds

Leonore 09/13/2001 09:47PM

Heartwarming to see generosity in all its forms (NFM)

Lin 09/14/2001 10:13AM

An attempt to cheer up....

Jo Keenan 09/13/2001 09:45PM

Thank you so much !

Emilie Marie 09/15/2001 11:40AM

Thanks ! (NFM)

Buba 09/14/2001 02:58PM

Beautiful-Thanks! (nfm)

Beth Ann 09/14/2001 10:50AM

Cheer on!

AbbeyW 09/13/2001 11:33PM

i know how you feel

Lorena 09/13/2001 11:29PM

Thank you!!

Jeanette Marie 09/13/2001 11:26PM

We were evacuated today.

Julie P. 09/13/2001 09:11PM


Sansanee 09/14/2001 06:11AM

Yes, you'd have been there with me.

Julie P. 09/14/2001 07:56AM


Lisa Dalrymple 09/14/2001 10:01AM

That, and I could REALLY use a good laugh (nfm)

Jen K 09/14/2001 10:22AM

How about a small one? (laugh, I mean...)

Caroline 09/14/2001 11:02AM

Keep your chin up

Jen K 09/13/2001 09:26PM

I am sorry too.

JulieW 09/14/2001 04:44AM

Thanks ladies.

Julie P. 09/14/2001 06:06AM

My dearest Julie,

Linda Fern 09/14/2001 07:34AM

You know,Julie

JulieW 09/14/2001 07:13AM

I just saw the service at St. Paul's.

Julie P. 09/14/2001 07:59AM


JulieW 09/14/2001 12:07PM

In deepest sympathy

Anielka 09/13/2001 08:55PM

Thank you, and ..

Linda Fern 09/14/2001 07:48AM

Back at work in NYC

Jen K 09/13/2001 07:59PM

Dealing in different ways

Sansanee 09/14/2001 06:20AM


Karen G. 09/13/2001 08:20PM


Cheryl 09/13/2001 08:10PM

Near Miss

Emmy A. 09/13/2001 07:30PM

This horrible week

LindaM 09/13/2001 06:52PM

Thanks, Linda

Laraine 09/14/2001 09:49AM