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Your feelings are very normal

September 15, 2001 01:35PM
<a href="[] src="/emote/ramt.gif" align=left hspace=8 vspace=4 border=0></a>However, in my case it may be the stubborness of advancing age that makes me determined not to let terrorists have the psychological win that they are so determined to have over our way of life. Once I tear myself away from news reports (and my window overlooking midtown Manhattan) and get out and back to my routine, I find it life affirming. Sometimes we can only make small symbolic gestures like attending prayer services, contributing to the funds that are set up for the families of the victims, displaying flags and lighting candles etc. but that is good. Maybe we are crazy, but my friend is now making her way into Manhattan from an outer borough so we can keep the RoP tea date we made. It is impossible for most of the people to make it but the appointment will be kept and that is also good.
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Thoughts from abroad.

JulieW September 15, 2001 11:34AM

More thoughts from abroad and all my sympathies

Nina September 15, 2001 08:33PM

The services from DC and London helped

Inko September 15, 2001 03:41PM

Read some Austen, honey

Laraine September 15, 2001 05:40PM

Adding my thoughts from abroad

Kate2 September 15, 2001 12:10PM

My response to the events...

Stacy Lynn September 15, 2001 12:46PM

» Your feelings are very normal

AnnPac September 15, 2001 01:35PM


Sabrina September 15, 2001 02:14PM

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