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September 15, 2001 02:14PM
<a href="[] src="/emote/ramt.gif" align=left hspace=8 vspace=4 border=0></a>] ....we have a responsibility, not only to remember those whose lives were lost, but to remember and celebrate how precious life is. Go out in the sunshine today, see a friend, read a good book, listen to music. Remember how fortunate we are to be here to enjoy these things.
My thoughts are with you all today.
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Thoughts from abroad.

JulieW September 15, 2001 11:34AM

More thoughts from abroad and all my sympathies

Nina September 15, 2001 08:33PM

The services from DC and London helped

Inko September 15, 2001 03:41PM

Read some Austen, honey

Laraine September 15, 2001 05:40PM

Adding my thoughts from abroad

Kate2 September 15, 2001 12:10PM

My response to the events...

Stacy Lynn September 15, 2001 12:46PM

Your feelings are very normal

AnnPac September 15, 2001 01:35PM

» Perhaps...

Sabrina September 15, 2001 02:14PM

Sorry, you do not have permission to post/reply in this forum.