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I got that email too

Anne P
September 16, 2001 02:55AM
<a href="[] src="/emote/ramt.gif" align=left hspace=8 vspace=4 border=0></a>Lura, don't worry that you sent it. However it's as well to remember that others may not agree with its sentiments. The US has just had a dreadful shock - its first real brush with terrorism. There are many people around the world who live with it daily, (we have our share in the UK) and who therefore know exactly how you all feel from their own personal experience. If the writer had ever been near a terrorist bomb (I've been near three), I'm quite sure he wouldn't write something like that.
We also know how much damage those kind of sentiments - which are born of the shock of the moment - can cause. So don't you feel bad.
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A Tribute to America

Lura September 15, 2001 05:18PM

» I got that email too

Anne P September 16, 2001 02:55AM

I'm sorry to say this..

Daniela September 15, 2001 05:20PM

I'm sorry

Lura September 15, 2001 06:00PM

We're sure you didn't

Laraine September 15, 2001 06:56PM

Hold on--this is almost 30 years old

Laraine September 15, 2001 05:33PM


Janette K September 15, 2001 06:30PM

JA's answer

gkb September 15, 2001 06:18PM

I'm sorry if I over reacted...

Daniela September 16, 2001 02:20AM


gkb September 16, 2001 08:46AM

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