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September 16, 2001 08:46AM
<a href="[] src="/emote/litmerc.gif" align=left hspace=8 vspace=4 border=0></a>I sort of took the editorial with a grain of salt because I had seen it some time ago. When I read it more closely, I realized how defensive it sounded. But editorials are designed to persuade, and the times were quite different when it was written.
But then--when I compared it to the overwhelming outpouring of shock, support and concern from citizens all around the world, I got a bit testy. I'm awfully good at being crabby, I'm afraid. I hope neither you nor Lura feels personally criticized. I meant to deflate the potential for conflict with a bit of humor from JA.
What impressed me most was how simple, direct honesty helped resolve the tension without any meddling from an old grouch like me.
I need to breathe deeply and relax more. *big sigh*
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A Tribute to America

Lura September 15, 2001 05:18PM

I got that email too

Anne P September 16, 2001 02:55AM

I'm sorry to say this..

Daniela September 15, 2001 05:20PM

I'm sorry

Lura September 15, 2001 06:00PM

We're sure you didn't

Laraine September 15, 2001 06:56PM

Hold on--this is almost 30 years old

Laraine September 15, 2001 05:33PM


Janette K September 15, 2001 06:30PM

JA's answer

gkb September 15, 2001 06:18PM

I'm sorry if I over reacted...

Daniela September 16, 2001 02:20AM

» Relax

gkb September 16, 2001 08:46AM

Sorry, you do not have permission to post/reply in this forum.