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You are loved! God bless you! With tears, Linda nfm

Linda Fern
September 16, 2001 11:30AM
<a href="[] src="/emote/ramt.gif" align=left hspace=8 vspace=4 border=0></a>] This is very personal, and I think at this time of so much sorrow and so much anger, it is time to tell this personal tale of grief and triumph and the laughter of life.
] As an old man, I have had many losses: both parents, all my grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins, a president I admired and loved, my closest friend, godfather of 2 or my children,an infant sister and brother, an infant son, a grown son, and then my beloved wife Mary Jo.
] This post concerns Mary Jo, and why I am able to post, and why Life triumphs.
] She and I knew a month before her death that it was coming, and soon. I believe her most favorite dog knew it as soon as we did, because he began to waste away even before she died, and he was at the height of his immense strength. Two weeks or before her death, she told us to send Big Theo along when he was ready, as she could tell that he was shutting himself down. It took him 8 weeks, and when he would no longer walk, we sent him along to find her.
] When our priest spoke her eulogy, he said, "I visited her just a few weeks ago, and she was not in the least afraid of death, she could smile, and she was so proud of her gigantic dogs that she introduced me to."
] A week or so before the end, when she was unconscious 23 hours of a day, I had my last real talk with her. I could not see myself without her, and, God forgive me, I had in mind seeing how far I could put a motorcycle into a concrete wall, or how much whiskey it would take to do the job more quietly.
] I said, "I don't want to be here when you aren't." For the last time in her life, she sat up, and spoke with her old force, and the 68 year old dying woman was for a moment the young and vital girl. "No you don't, Bill, but you are going to be here, and you WILL NOT MAKE ANYBODY SORRY THAT YOU ARE!" Do you understand me, Bill?"
] I nodded, and said, "Yes."
] "All right, Bill.", and she laid back, closing her eyes.
] I don't think I've made anybody too sorry. And I do know that I have made my fellow Pemberleans laugh (and I think sometimes swear), and they have made me laugh.
] Those of you who like me, and enjoy my posts, say a word of thanks to Mary Jo Thomson, who rammed life down my reluctant throat, and made me stay here.
] Life does triumph--even a small victory as above proves it.
] May the Peace of the Lord be with us all.
] Bill
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Triumph of Life

William L September 16, 2001 11:04AM

Thanks for sharing, Bill. Triumph indeed. (nfm)

Tuija September 17, 2001 06:50AM

Thanks to Mary Jo - and to you. Very glad you are here. NFM

Andreamy September 17, 2001 06:22AM

A very touching story ! Words are simply useless ! (NFM)

Buba September 17, 2001 06:06AM

Thank you for sharing this !!!!! (nfm)

Emilie Marie September 17, 2001 05:08AM

How true! Thank you or sharing this. (nfm)

Julie C September 17, 2001 04:29AM

Bless her and thank you, Bill! (nfm)

Ursula September 17, 2001 01:44AM

Bless You

Stacy Lynn September 16, 2001 10:45PM

God bless you. Thanks so much for sharing (nfm)

Linda September 16, 2001 09:48PM

Your posts.....

Elizabeth Cretaro September 16, 2001 09:21PM

Made me cry as well...

Alisa September 16, 2001 09:20PM

I'm crying...

Jezkalyn September 16, 2001 08:18PM

I agree with Mary Jo

Lin September 16, 2001 05:56PM

Thanks for sharing this! (nfm)

DeeDee September 16, 2001 04:50PM

Such a touching story

~Ally September 16, 2001 02:46PM

Thank you

Kristin T September 16, 2001 12:44PM

What a wise and courageous lady...

PeggyS September 16, 2001 12:35PM

Thanks to Mary Jo

Barbara September 16, 2001 12:33PM

Dear Bill,

Kristen G. September 16, 2001 12:31PM

Bill, thank you

Caroline JH September 16, 2001 12:11PM


Karen A September 16, 2001 11:31AM

» You are loved! God bless you! With tears, Linda nfm

Linda Fern September 16, 2001 11:30AM

I'm glad to have you here

Sansanee September 16, 2001 11:13AM

thank you Bill

Daniela September 16, 2001 12:18PM

Sorry, you do not have permission to post/reply in this forum.