Carolyn's photos

At the Anchor
Ann Pac, Vivian and Clare A at Chawton
Camera ladies at Lyme
Candace in Mr. Bennet's study
Catherine, Ruth, Kathleen in Lacock
Chawton chatters
Classic ladies at Lacock
Coach stop in Bath
Constanza at Longbourn
Find Barbara at Longbourn
Garden in Bath
Ginny at Longbourn
Golda, Karen, Julie at Longbourn
Luckington Griffin
Hearts are Trump print in Salisbury
Hydrangea at Wilton House
Too High, Jen!
Karen G as Louisa
Karen R and Julie at Chawton
Kathleen's umbrella at Lacock
Laura Diann on the Cobb
Lawn at Wilton House
Linda (Ann) and Sharon in Bath
Carolyn on the Cobb
Myretta, KarenG and Julie at Longbourn
Over the Teeth in Lyme
Red Lion in Salisbury
Resident Ghost - Lacock
More Stonehenge
Tara and Amy at Longbourn
Tara, Ruth and Ginny at Lyme
Terrace Garden in Bath
Tineke at Longbourn
Tree at Longbourn
Garden at Wilton