Cinthia's Photos

Cinthia on the long walk
Chawton House
Pemberley invades Chawton Cottage
Cos at Chawton Cottage
The crosses at Chawton Cottage
Inside Longbourn 1
Inside Longbourn 2
Inside Longbourn 3
Dinner in the Pump Room
Darlene takes the waters
Winchester - her last home
Leaving the Assembly Rooms
Stoneleigh Abbey
Cos and Amy at Stoneleigh
Lyme Park - east front
Lyme Park courtyard
Lyme Park - main garden
Lyme Park - other garden
Lyme Park - north front
Lyme Park - south front
The Pond
Caroline JH among the roses
Witch and cauldron
Nicholas Flammel's house
Amy and Goose
Cinthia in Paris