Janet's Photos

A walk to Arlesford1
A walk to Arlesford2
Karen G., Kelly and Jen K. shopping in Arlesford
Helen and Ann2 at The Anchor, London
Linda, Inko and Kathleen at The Anchor
Karen G, Jen K, Linda (Ann) and Peggy S at The Anchor
More Anchor Diners
Tom Carpenter, Mary-L, Laraine and Myretta at Chawton Cottage
Hanging out in Jane's garden
Cheryl, Jen K and Candace at Chawton Cottage
Luckington Church
John Thaw's house (through the coach window)
Candace looking through the Red Lion's window, Lacock
Golda, JulieW, Linda (Ann) and Caroline JH at the Red Lion
The Royal Crescent, Bath
Kathleen, Cheryl, Candace, Laraine and Myretta at the Roman Baths
Kelly T, Michele S and Paula having dinner in the Pump Room