Karen G's Photos

Victoria Station
The Globe
The Anchor1
The Anchor2
The Anchor3
Karen G at OAP
The church at OAP
Austen graves at Steventon
Dancing the Maggot
View from OAP bedroom window
Bedroom at OAP
Terrace at OAP
Old Alresford
Mary Austen plaque at Steventon
Ladies taking a long walk
Long Walk
Sight on long walk
Karen G on stile
Wreath at Winchester
Plaque at Winchester
Karen G at Winchester Cathedral
Inside Steventon Church
Long Walkers
Golda shooting on walk
Inside Chawton House
Outside Chawton House
Chawton Cottage
Construction at Chawton House
Terrace at Chawton House
Mrs. and Cassandra Austen's graves at Chawton House Church
In the garden at Chawton Cottage
Flowers at Chawton Cottage garden
View from OAP
Flowers at OAP
Laura Diann at the Cobb
Do not be so foolish, Karen!
A surgeon!
Kate on the Cobb
At Lyme Regis
Jane Austen garden in Lyme Regis
The infamous OAP roosters
Looking down from Cobb
Jane Austen's house in Bath
Karen G in front of St. Swithen's Church (where Mr. Austen is buried)
George Austen's grave in Bath
No. 4 Sidney Place
Another JA residence in Bath
Street in Lyme Regis
Karen G at Lyme Regis
Flowers in Bath
Roman Baths
Karen G at Luckington Court
Walking to Luckington Court
The Red lion at Lacock
Cool building at Lacock
The Pump Room1
The Pump Room2
Bath Abbey above Roman Bath
Paula in the rain
Yew at Luckington Court
Paddington Station, London1
Paddington Station, London2
At the Assembly Rooms
Autograph hounds
View from Limpley Stoke
At Luckington Court
Mr. Bennet's Study
The Sitting Room at Luckington Court
Golda and Mary-L invade Luckington Court
Don't forget your umbrellas!
Luckington Court and Church
Karen G wants to go to Brighton!