Kathleen's Photos

July 25 (The Anchor and The Globe Theatre)
At the Anchor 1
At the Anchor 2
At the Anchor 3
The Globe 1
The Globe 2
The Globe 3

July 26 (Arrival at OAP)
Meeting the coach 1
Meeting the coach 2
Darlene meeting the coach
Laurel meeting the coach
Meeting the coach 3
On the coach
Arrival at OAP 1
Arrival at OAP 2
Arrival at OAP 3
Arrival at OAP 4
Arrival at OAP 5
Arrival at OAP 6
Arrival at OAP 7
Arrival at OAP 8
Arrival at OAP 9
Back yard 1
Back yard 2
Back yard 4
Back yard 5
Back yard 6
Back yard 7
Introductions 1
Introductions 2
Introductions 3
Introductions 4
Introductions 5
Introductions 6
In the drawing room 2
Dancing 1
Dancing 2
Dancing 3
Dancing 4
We dance Mr. Beveridge's Maggot (MPG)

July 27 (OAP)
Back Yard
Meals 1
Meals 2
Meals 3
Meals 4
Meals 5
Meals 6
Meals 7

July 27 (Steventon and Chawton)
St. Nicholas Church - Steventon
Church interior
James Austen plaque - Steventon
Jane Austen plaque - Steventon
The Vicar of Steventon
The Great Hall in Chawton House
Candace in the Oak Room
Sheep beyond the haha at Chawton House
The sheep's view
Chawton House
Freeholder window - Chawton House
Edward's Panel in window
Jane and Adrian greet us
Grave stones - Cassandra and Mrs. Austen - Chawton
Chawton Cottage 1
Chawton Cottage 2
Chawton Cottage 3
Chawton Cottage 4
Golda Shoots
The Group at Chawton Cottage
Cheryl plays the piano at Chawton Cottage (MPG)

July 28(OAP and Winchester)
Talking 1
Talking 2
Talking 3
Talking 4
Talking 5
Talking 6
Talking 7
Talking 8
News and talking
What's News 1
What's News 2
What's News 3
What's News 4
The Scotts with Linda
Jane Austen's plaque at Winchester Cathedral
Winchester 1
Winchester 2
Winchester 3
Jane Austen's grave at Winchester (with Pemberley's wreath)
Julie and Janet
The bells at Winchester Cathedral (MPG)
Austenopoly 1
Austenopoly 2
Austenopoly 3
Austenopoly 4
Fanny wins Pemberley 1
Fanny wins Pemberley 2

July 29 (Lyme Regis and Bath)
Last morning at OAP 1
Last morning at OAP 2
Last morning at OAP 3
Blue Marbles
Leaving OAP 1
Leaving OAP 2
Leaving OAP 3
Leaving OAP 4
Leaving OAP 5
Checking the map at Lyme
Inko on the steps
Carolyn 1
Carolyn 2
Georgian Tea Room
Tea Time 1
Tea Time 2
Tea Time 3
Tea Time 4
Tea Time 5
Tea Time 6
Tea Time 8
The Cobb
Inko tests the water
Kate rests
Darlene and Inko
Karen G
Kate on the steps
Brave Ruth
Ann, Laurel, Constanza, Amy L at Limpley Stoke
Elizabeth Rose
Peggy and Carolyn
Paula and Laurel
Dinner 1
Dinner 2
Constanza, Cinthia and Candace
Lounge at Limpley Stoke
Vivian and Vanessa

July 30 (Bath)
Barbara and Laraine in Bath
Roman Baths
Tour of the Baths
Touring the Baths
Golda shoots
Walking through the Baths
Linda Ann
Gloria and Linda
Dinner in the Pump Room
Dinner in the Pump Room
Dinner in the Pump Room
Dinner in the Pump Room
Dinner in the Pump Room
Dinner in the Pump Room
Signs in Bath
King's Spring
Bath Abbey
Bath Abbey
Ladies of Pemberley outside Bath Abbey
Walking tour of Bath
The Baths
Tea in the Pump Room

July 31 (Lacock, Luckington, Assembly Rooms)
Lacock 1
Lacock 2
Lunch at the Red Lion 1
Lunch at the Red Lion 2
Lunch at the Red Lion 3
Lunch at the Red Lion 4
Lunch at the Red Lion 5
Luckington Court 1
Luckington Court 2
Luckington Court 3
Luckington Court 4
Luckington Court 5
Luckington Court 6
Myretta and Cheryl
Group at Luckington
Ready for the reception
Diners 1
Diners 2
Ann and Lou
Bread anyone?
Reception room
Andrew and Myretta
Julie's Gift
Kathleen and Myretta in dresses!
Now sign your name
Andrew Davies speaks
Gifts for AD 1
Gifts for AD 2
Gifts for AD 3
Just friends
The Lord Mayor and Myretta
Julie and the Lord Mayor
SueR, Candace and Barb
Our harpist
Jen, Julie and Karen G
Darlene and Andrew