Recalling Pemberley by MiriB

Recalling the Pemberley meeting is a great joy to me. The highlights of this meeting for me were meeting in person such a delightful group, with similar interests, and seeing the places, linked to JA's life. But I think that is common to all the participants many of whom write much more eloquently than I can so I will leave it to them.

Here are the some other details I remember:

I had the time of my life. I am seriously planning to come to the meeting next year, and that keeps me going and happy.

Memorable Moments from Inko

As to memorable moments of the trip, there are so many that it is difficult to sort them out. From the Jane Austen walk in London -- with Carolyn, Sharon, Candace, Barbara and Caroline JH -- to my final farewell to Ann2 as she left to go home, it was all so wonderful.

Some highlights:

But, in spite of all, I think what I will remember most is just talking to so many Pemberleans from all over the world. When I tell friends about the trip they are amazed that an internet group would meet in England from so many far-flung places!


Memorable Parts of the Trip:

  1. Putting a face to a name.
  2. Being among people of the same understanding regarding J.A.
  3. Walking in the footsteps of J.A.
  4. The many tears shed in memory of J.A. at her grave in Winchester Cathedral.
  5. Introduction to Marmite by Hanne and the first taste of it.
  6. Nine women who collectively could only agree to serenade people by singing "Silent Night".
  7. All our combined excitement upon first setting eyes on the grounds of Luckington Court. And the tactful reply of the coach driver when asked if we were the weirdest group he'd ever driven, "not THE weirdest."
  8. Hospitality of the English people in inviting strangers into their homes-first, the gentleman at Alresford into his beautiful garden and then getting admittance into Luckington Court.
  9. Dancing the Maggot. Very well done for a group who only had about half an hour of instructions.
  10. Seeing the beautiful Austenopoly game designed by Nan.
  11. Fanny becoming mistress of Pemberley.
  12. Karen G lying at the foot of Granny's Teeth.
  13. First taste of clotted cream.
  14. First taste of Pimm's at the Assembly Rooms with the presence of Andrew Davies and the formally dressed Mayor of Bath.


I think the entire trip was memorable and noteworthy; however, I believe I probably gaped when I first rounded the bend and realized I was actually looking at the P&P production home of the Bennets (Julie can attest to that!). And I can't believe I was so flip with Andrew Davies (okay, maybe I can, but generally I'm shy and retiring until I get to know someone!). Anyway, seeing and hearing AD was a real treat!

Sheesh, as I review my pictures, I think everything is worth noting!!

I have just received my DVD of JA's life and society and my gosh, the memories it has brought back. Being there (Steventon, Winchester, Bath, Chawton Cottage) makes the DVD much more personal and real. And there is Tom Carpenter too! *sigh* (no, no, not over Tom Carpenter -- just remembering actually being there!)

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