Abdyllene has her own Mr Wentworth

Abdyllene with 2 mr Knightleys

Abdyllene, Linda, Laraine

Amy Lau, Sharon,Janet, Jen K

And we ran into someone's boat on the way back

Austen sighting First Impressions

Barbara, Abdullyne and Beth

Darlene yes i was a karate kid

Darlene, Jezkalyn

Day lilies

Geri Lynn, Golda, Carolyn

Giveaway run



Gloucester 2

Gloucester Peggy, Inko, Caroline

Gloucester houses

Gloucester, Peggy, Martine, Inko

Gloucester, power of seawind



Introductions 2

It is difficult! Giveaway picking

Jane A arrives with Jean B

Jane with camera

Jen Muse, Geri Lynn

Jez, Darlene, Abdyllene

Karen2L, Lauri C

Lighthouse from the sea

Linda, Sansanee, Martine

Lobster cages

Lobster restaurant in Essex

Lobsters alive

Lynn as Jane

Martine, Peggy, Karen2L, Nan C

Mary Ann Chester shirt

Mary Ann Chester shirt backside

Michele, Lynn

Mr Knightley sighting in NY car

Mr Knightley, Mr Elton and Willoughby

Peggy S


Quarry 2

Quarry 3

Quarry wildlife

Rita what shall i take

Sargent House

Sargent House 2

Seaview 3

Seaview Martine, Caroline

Seaview Pegge, Martine, Inko

Ship unfortunately closed

Silent Auction

Silent Auction2

Sunday puzzle


We could have stayed at Elliot's

art in the garden

art in the garden 3

art in the garden2

lovely houses

no time to wait and find out who arrived



singing ladies, Jen K, Debra, Jen Muse, Geri Lynn, Carolyn, Peggy

unknown tree

watching Foyle's War Nan C, Golda, Beth, Peggy S, Inko, Terry


welcome Myrette

what's it called