P&P3 The Missing Scene

Lizzy walks distractedly across the "stage"

Aunt and Uncle Gardiner enter and see Lizzy.

Aunt Gardiner: Oh, Lizzy, there you are!

Uncle Gardiner: We wondered where you'd wandered off to! Did you enjoy the house?

Lizzy, flustered: Yes, yes, very much.

Aunt G: Are you ready to return to the inn, or would you like to stroll along the grounds? They are quite lovely.

Lizzy: NO - um, no, I believe I have seen enough…of the grounds.

Uncle G: Well, then, I shall call for our carriage.

Lizzy, still flustered: I believe I would prefer to walk back to the inn.

Aunt and Uncle G look at her in amazement

Aunt G: WALK back? All the way to Lambton?

Lizzy: Yes….the countryside is so fine…and you know how fond I am of walking.

Uncle G: Yes, yes, we know. But are you sure you know the way?

Lizzy: Of course. It is an easy distance.

Aunt G: Well, as you wish, my dear. But please do be careful. As we have no children of our own, you are as dear as a daughter to us and we would never forgive ourselves if you came to harm.

Uncle G, looking rather confused: You know, I do feel as though we ought to have children. Did something happen to them?

Aunt G, patting Uncle G's arm: Don't fret, my love. I'm sure they are bound to turn up, quite probably in the next adaptation.

They all exit.

- Republic of Pemberley -

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