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Please don't take a lot of these images and put them in your own WWW pages en masse without permission (as one group did a few years ago); some of these images are standard icons and buttons, but many (especially the Jane Austen images) were made or scanned in by me. However, I give free permission for anyone to use my images janepics.jpg, enh-lynx.gif, noframes.gif, noframsm.gif, noframbg.gif, optmlynx.gif, star-lin.gif, top99jok.gif, wrldplat.gif, and wrtletbw.gif in their own HTML pages (without necessarily surrendering any basic copyright I may have on these images).

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[`This page is best viewed with a mug of hot tea and ANY Web Browser'] anybrtea.gif
[`Best viewed with YOUR favorite browser'] anybrwsr.gif
[Bath coat of arms] bath.gif
[`Best Viewed With Whatever (ver 1.0)'] besvwtev.gif
[Books] books.gif
[Book with Question mark] booksrch.gif
[Hourglass shape for May 25 1801 letter] brablt30.gif
[Broken counter joke image] brokncjk.gif
[Burn your television!] burn-tv.gif
[`Caution' bar] caution.gif
[Charlotte Bronte] c-bronte.gif
[Small greyscale circle] circ1.gif
[Created with EMACS.] crtemacs.gif
[Sun-moon bar] daynight.gif
[Small greyscale down-arrow] down.gif
[`The disk is toast!'] dsktostj.gif
[`Enhanced for Lynx' parody] enh-lynx.gif
[`External Link -- EXIT'] exitlink.gif
[`Fixed'] fixed.gif
[Printer's Fleuron] fleuron.gif
[Printer's Fleurons] fleuron2.gif
[:-(] frownie.gif
[Small Binary Ancestor Tree] genetres.gif
[Tiny Binary Ancestor Tree] genetric.gif
[Hampshire] hampshir.gif
[The name `Henry' transliterated into Egyptian hieroglyphics] henryegy.gif
[GIF IMAGE] henryheb.gif
[`HTML'] html.gif
[`HYPERTEXT'] hyprtext.gif
[Hypertext link icon] hyptxtlk.gif
[This space intentionally left blank] intlfblj.gif
[The invisible man] invisman.gif
[Tastefully nauseous `Jane Austen' background] janausbg.gif
[Artist before canvas: `Jane Austen's Art'] janeart.gif
[Large silhouette possibly of Jane Austen, in cartouche] jacrtuch.gif
[Jane Austen, UK royal arms, and Brunswick-Wolfenbuettel arms] janeroyl.gif
[Large silhouette possibly of Jane Austen] janesilh.gif
[Jane Austen portrait filtered through mid-Victorian sentimentalism] janevict.gif (this image derived from an image on Prof. Matsuoka's site)
[Small Austen silhouette] jansilhs.gif
[`Everybody loves THEIR Jane Austen'] jantheir.gif
[Jane Austen Info] janeinfo.gif
[Jane Austen open book] jaopnbk2.gif
[Small bluish picture of Jane Austen] japicsmb.gif
[Austen silhouette, ``Pride and Prejudice Hypertext''] jasilhpp.gif
[Original Cassandra sketch of Jane Austen: small greyscale]jaustens.gif
[Useful Kamchatka-England map] kamchatk.gif
[Letter and quill pen] letrwrit.gif
[City of London coat of arms] london.gif
[George MacDonald, `Light Princess'] lprincss.gif
[Low Bandwidth] lowbandw.gif
[,,^..^,, `This Web page is Lynx Friendly!'] lynxfrnd.gif (this image created by Brandi Weed)
[`Cyber Rights Now!'] lutaelec.gif
[Mail falling from slot] mailfall.gif
[Minor Update] minorupd.gif
[`NEW'] new.gif
[`new'] new-3dsm.gif
[`New!'] new_big.gif
[`New! *'] newbigst.gif
[`New!'] newslant.gif
[`New'] new_medm.gif
[`I don't want to be FRAMED: Support the Campaign to Recognize HTML Frames as the Silly Things they Are'] noframes.gif
[`I don't want to be FRAMED: Support the Campaign to Recognize HTML Frames as the Silly Things they Are' -- Smaller] noframsm.gif
[`I don't want to be FRAMED: Support the Campaign to Recognize HTML Frames as the Silly Things they Are' -- Background] noframbg.gif
[`Use Any Browser Here -- Campaign for a Non-Browser Specific WWW'] nonbrspcf.gif
[Not really under construction...] notuncnj.gif
[Not written on tablets of stone] notwston.gif
[`Everybody loves THEIR OED'] oedtheir.gif
[OLD!] old.gif
[`Open to Any Browser...'] opnanybr.gif
[`Optimized for LYNX'] optmlynx.gif
[`Pride and Prejudice' Banner] prdprjhd.gif
[`PP' icon] pridprej.gif
[`Pride and Prejudice: The Book'] prp-book.gif
[¿?] questmul.gif
[Squiggly back-arrow] return.gif
[Small greyscale squiggly back-arrow] returns.gif
[Red and black triangles bullet and vertical spacer] rbktring.gif
[Blue right arrow] rhtarrwb.gif
[Small greyscale right-arrow] right.gif
[Small greyscale right-arrow for use in text] rightw.gif
[19th-century man and woman flirting (1882 Police Gazette illustration)] romance.gif
[Horizontal bar of calligraphic flourishes] separatr.gif
[`Silas Marner, The Weaver of Raveloe, George Eliot, Mary Anne Evans, 1861' Banner] silsmarn.gif
[`Silas Marner, The Weaver of Raveloe'] silsmrns.gif
[:-)] smiley.gif
[Winking smiley ;-)] smiley-b.gif
[`? Soon ?'] soon.gif
[Southampton city coat of arms] southmpt.gif
[Bar: wavy line and stars] star-lin.gif
[Calligraphic flourish] swirl-sm.gif
[`?'] textsrch.gif
[Small greyscale backarrow and `ToC'] toc.gif
[`Top 99% of all Web sites (1% are worse): Pointless' parody] top99jok.gif
[`.txt'] txt.gif
[UK map icon] uk-map.gif
[UK flag icon, antialiased] ukflag.gif
[UK flag icon] ukflgold.gif
[Under construction] undcbarg.gif
[Small greyscale up-arrow] up.gif
[`Updated'] updated.gif
[`!' in yellow triangle] warning.gif
[Black and yellow bar with red `WARNING'] warnings.gif
[Winchester city coat of arms] winchest.gif
[World map as book] wrldbook.gif
[The world on a platter] wrldplat.gif What do you want, the world on a platter? Well there it is! ;-)
[Hand writing a letter] wrtletbw.gif
[`Working on it'] workonit.gif
Miscellaneous thumbnails:
[1556 vs. 1796 Clothing Style Comparison (tinted) -- thumbnail] 15561796ct.gif
[1556 vs. 1796 Clothing Style Comparison -- thumbnail] 15561796t.gif
[1742 vs. 1794 Styles Comparison GIF -- thumbnail] 17421794t.gif
[1778 vs. 1795 French Clothing Styles Comparison -- thumbnail] 17781793t.gif
[French Court Dress Couple -- thumbnail] 1778rhth.gif
[1790 Roller Skates] 1790rskt.gif
[1790's fashions thumbnail] 1790sthn.gif
[1791 French Yo-yo Lady] 1791yoyt.gif
[1795 French Couple -- thumbnail] 1793lf2t.gif
[1794-1887 Women's Clothing Styles Overview -- thumbnail] 17941887t.gif
[1796 Gillray Fashion Prediction Sature -- thumbnail] 1796glrt.gif
[Fashions for 1797] 1797fthn.gif
[1799 Chemise Dress] 1799chmt.gif
[1799 Lawn Dress Sidesaddle] 1799rdgt.gif
[1790's Short Stays -- thumbnail] 179stayt.gif
[Blind man's buff -- thumbnail] 1800bbft.gif
[1800 Big-Hatted Man -- thumbnail] 1800bght.gif
[1800 Rumford Grate Fireplace Gillray] 1800rmft.gif
[Strange Regency game -- thumbnail] 1800whtt.gif
[1801 Lady Playing Guitar -- thumbnail] 1801gtrt.gif
[1803 Blind Man's Buff -- thumbnail] 1803bbft.gif
[1803 Bedside Night Basin Stand] 1803ntbt.gif
[1806, 1807 Evening Dresses -- thumbnail] 18061807t.gif
[Rowlandson Egypt Satire 1806 -- thumbnail] 1806egpt.gif
[1807 Evening Full Dress -- thumbnail] 1807evdt.gif
[1809 French Corsets Detail -- thumbnail] 1809crst.gif
[1809 French Corsets -- thumbnail] 1809csbt.gif
[1810 Ball dress, Ackermann's Repository -- small] 1810bdsm.gif
[1810 Ball Dress -- thumbnail] 1810bldt.gif
[1810 Home Dancing] 1810dnct.gif
[1810 Ball? Dress] 1810drst.gif
[1810 W. H. Pyne Merry-go-round Village Fair] 1810fait.gif
[1810 ``Invisibles'' Hat Caricature (Redrawn)] 1810invt.gif
[1810 New York Saint Nicholas Bad Boy Good Girl] 1810stct.gif
[1811-1812 Pelisse -- thumbnail] 1811812t.gif
[1811 Empire Gown Caux Head Dress -- thumbnail] 1811caut.gif
[Guessing Kiss 1811 Game GIF -- thumbnail] 1811gamt.gif
[1857 1812 Ball Toilette Comparison] 18121857t.gif
[Classical Henry Moses Piano GIF -- thumbnail] 1812piant.gif
[1812 Merveilluse -- thumbnail] 1812vrnt.gif
[1812 Regency Couple] 1812wkdt.gif
[1813 Costume Parisien Bird Cage Prop Fashion Plate] 1813bcgt.gif
[1813 Costumes Parisiens Men's Redingote] 1813mrdt.gif
[1814 Men After Dinner Satire -- thumbnail] 1814admt.gif
[1814 Ladies After Dinner -- thumbnail] 1814adwt.gif
[1814 Mystery English-French Satire -- thumbnail] 1814angt.gif
[1814 Ball Dress] 1814bldt.gif
[1815 18 Folds Pro-Bourbon Dress] 181518rt.gif
[1815 Vienna Cat Lady -- thumbnail] 1815ctlt.gif
[1815 Kilt Caricature -- thumbnail] 1815klth.gif
[1815 Regency Liberty US Flag Allegorical] 1815lbth.gif
[1815 Morning Dress -- thumbnail] 1815mndt.gif
[1815 Walking Dress -- thumbnail] 1815wkdt.gif
[1816 Cruikshank Berkeley Slip Caricature -- thumbnail] 1816slpt.gif
[1816 Parlour Game -- thumbnail] 1816whth.gif
[1816 Waltz Positions] 1816wlzt.gif
[1817 Morning Dress] 1817blst.gif
[1817 Ball Dancing Caricature] 1817dtlt.gif
[1817 Vienna Ball Dress -- thumbnail] 1817vddt.gif
[1817 Walking dress -- thumbnail] 1817wdrt.gif
[1817 Waltzing -- thumbnail] 1817wlzt.gif
[1818 Dandy Club Dighton Caricature] 1818dndt.gif
[Ball Gown (1818)] 1818dsth.gif
[1818 Evening Dress] 1818evdt.gif
[Neckclothitania, 1818 -- thumbnail] 1818nkct.gif
[1819 Evening Dress -- thumbnail] 1819evdt.gif
[1819 George Cruickshank Prinny Caricature] 1819prnt.gif
[Walking Dress Half-Mourning 1819 -- thumbnail] 1819whmt.gif
[1819 Morning Dress -- thumbnail] 1820mndt.gif
[Early 19th Century Poke Bonnet Satire -- thumbnail] 1820pkbt.gif
[1820 Wife-Selling Caricature] 1820wfst.gif
[1820 Anderson Salmagundi Waltz Dance Caricature] 1820wzdt.gif
[1822 Corset -- thumbnail] 1822crst.gif
[Pseudo-classical -- thumbnail] 1823grct.gif
[1823/1824 Short Says Scene -- thumbnail] 1823stst.gif
[1823/1824 Short Stays -- thumbnail] 1823styt.gif
[1826 Wiener Moden] 1826wint.gif
[1826 Wiener Moden] 1826wint.gif
[1826 Christmas Nursery Children Christmas Cruikshank Caricature] 1826xmst.gif
[1827 Cruickshank Term Time Oyster Legal Satire Lawyer Joke] 1827crkt.gif
[Danse Bole`ro] 182bolrt.gif
[Cham Beaked Bonnet Satire -- thumbnail] 182chamt.gif
[Early 1820's Woman Door] 182dorgt.gif
[Ca. 1820 Pig Young Lady New York City Caricature] 182nypgt.gif
[1820's Age of Steam Satire -- thumbnail] 182tepth.gif
[1830 Blassis Dance Manual Quadrille Diagram] 1830dmth.gif
[1832 Wiener Moden Weird] 1832wrdt.gif
[1834 Fashion Terminology -- thumbnail] 1834mbct.gif
[1835 Dress -- thumbnail] 1835drst.gif
[Wiener Zeitschrift 1835 -- thumbnail] 1835wrdt.gif
[Ca. 1833 Charles Jameson Grant Political Caricature] 183wgtrt.gif
[1841 Geology of Society Punch -- thumbnail] 1841pnct.gif
[1842 Riding Habit -- thumbnail] 1842wrdt.gif
[``Tremendous Sacrifice!'' Cruikshank 1846 -- thumbnail] 1846crkt.gif
[1849 Cruikshank  Materialistic Valentine Joke] 1849vljt.gif
[``Splendid Spread'' Cruikshank 1850 Crinoline Satire -- thumbnail] 1850crkt.gif
[1854 Punch Boot Joke] 1854booh.gif
[1854 Punch Boot Joke] 1854booh.gif
[1856 crinoline cutaway diagram -- thumbnail] 1856cnlt.gif
[1857 Ladies' Boarding School Satire -- thumbnail] 1857bsct.gif
[1857 Convenience of Hoops Crinoline Satire -- thumbnail] 1857hoopt.gif
[1857 Victorian young ladies mocking Regency fashions -- thumbnail] 1857rgjt.gif
[1858 Punch Crinoline Satirical Poems] 1858cnpt.gif
[1858 Punch Omnibus Crinoline Satire -- thumbnail] 1858pcjt.gif
[1859 Bathing -- thumbnail] 1859bthm.gif
[Godey's Magazine 1859 -- thumbnail] 1859gdyt.gif
[1860 Courtauld's Mills Crinoline Announcement] 1860ntct.gif
[``The proper length for little girls' skirts at various ages'', _Harper's Bazar_, 1868 -- thumbnail] 1868lglt.gif
[1869 Punch Railway-station Zoology -- thumbnail] 1869pnct.gif
[1860's Ball Gown -- thumbnail] 186blgth.gif
[1870 London Season Satire ..GIF -- thumbnail] 1870seast.gif
[1870 Venus de Milo vs. Victorians Satire] 1870vdmt.gif
[1871 Young Lady of Fashion vs. London Dairywoman -- thumbnail] 1871ctrt.gif
[Punch 1878 military stooping satire -- thumbnail] 1878stpt.gif
[1870's Du Maurier Punch Fashion Joke -- thumbnail] 187dmvth.gif
[1870 Flower Dress -- thumbnail] 187rosth.gif
[1881 Regency bra -- thumbnail] 1881mpct.gif
[1881 _La Vie Parisienne_ -- thumbnail] 1881part.gif
[1881 Venus de Milo Corset -- thumbnail] 1881vdmt.gif
[1882 Ball -- thumbnail] 1882balt.gif
[1884 ``Survival Corset'' Venus de Milo Advertisement] 1884vmct.gif
[1885 Punch Three-Volume Novel at a Glance -- thumbnail] 1885pnct.gif
[1885 Satirical proposal scene -- thumbnail] 1885prpot.gif
[1886 Dress -- thumbnail] 1886drst.gif
[1886 The Queen Tennis Jacket Advertisement] 1886nwst.gif
[1886 Weird Menswear-influenced Bustled Dress -- thumbnail] 1886wrdt.gif
[1880's Woman Staircase Typographers' ``Cut''] 188girlt.gif
[Early 1880's Long-Trained Dress Embracing] 188mbrct.gif
[Silly 1893/1895 Fashion Plate -- thumbnail] 1893slyt.gif
[1894 Dress Reform Pamphlet Excerpts] 1894drth.gif
[1897 Knickerbockers Bicyling Advertisement -- thumbnail] 1897kadt.gif
[1899 Bustle Ad -- thumbnail] 1899bsth.gif
[1899 Piano Ad -- thumbnail] 1899cpth.gif
[Fishing for a man satirical illustration ca. 1900?] 189hfsht.gif
[Advice to 18th-century French Lover -- thumbnail] 18cchient.gif
[Nineteenth Century Grevin Fashion Degeneration Fantasy -- thumbnail] 19cgrvnt.gif
[Thomas Hope Grecian Female -- thumbnail] 2grkldyt.gif
[4 Greek Ladies -- thumbnail] 4grkldyt.gif
[4 of spades -- thumbnail] 4spadsth.gif
[1911 Ace of Hearts -- thumbnail] acehrthm.gif
[Gillray accomplishments satire -- thumbnail] acmplsth.gif
[Young Lady Soldier Humorous -- thumbnail] aidecmpt.gif
[Annie Oakley -- thumbnail] annioklt.gif
[Cassandra Back-view Portrait of Jane Austen, greyscale: thumbnail] auscport.gif
[Cassandra Back-view Portrait of Jane Austen: thumbnail] auscprt2.gif
[Autumnal Walking Dress] autwkdth.gif
[Woman in a ball gown, taken from a painting, 1810s? (thumbnail)] balpaint.gif
[1803 Boilly Diligence Detail -- thumbnail] boilydlt.gif
[Boulanger dance -- thumbnail] boulngrt.gif
[Sisters Dancing -- thumbnail] bovi2sst.gif
[Sea-bathing -- thumbnail] bridlgth.gif
[Hugh Thomson illustration of a Regency carriage departure scene] cargdpth.gif
[1898 Charles Dana Gibson Fans and Gloves Joke -- thumbnail] cdgfngvt.gif
[Charles Dana Gibson -- thumbnail] cdgtrnth.gif
[1810's? Candy Store Woodcut] cnfctnrt.gif
[Dressed for the country -- thumbnail] cntrdrst.gif
[Devonshire Minuet -- thumbnail] devnshmt.gif
[Ca. 1798 Miss Dietrichsen Music Teacher Trade Card] ditrchst.gif
[Dancing dress, 1809 -- thumbnail] dncdrsth.gif
[Devil's Grindstone 1830's corset satirical drawing -- thumbnail] dvlgdsth.gif
[[Mr. Woodhouse:] ``I am very sorry to hear, Miss Fairfax, of your being out this morning in the rain.''] emmthmpt.gif
[Cassandra's Portrait of Fanny Knight: thumbnail] fankncas.gif
[An alternative illustration for Fanny cutting the roses? (Actually a typographer's ``cut'' or ``Grasset Ornament'' from ca. 1900, that has nothing whatever to do with _Mansfield Park_.)] fannyrst.gif
[1809 Gas-lighting Caricature -- thumbnail] gaslihth.gif
[1810 Three Graces in High Wind Gillray -- thumbnail] glr3gcdt.gif
[1829 Cruikshank Humorous Engraving -- thumbnail] gmsukegt.gif
[Gowlands Ad -- thumbnail] gowlandt.gif
[300 BC Greek Statuette -- thumbnail] grkstath.gif
[1870 1881 Girls Training Corsets] grlcrsth.gif
[Hippopotamus Polka -- thumbnail] hipolkth.gif
[Hippopotamus Polka Large] hippolkat.gif
[1817 Hobby Horse for Four Caricature -- thumbnail] hobhrs4t.gif
[Isaac Cruikshank Flower Daughter GIF -- thumbnail] icruikskt.gif
[1795 ``Imitation of Antiquity'' Satire] imitntqt.gif
[Ingres Portrait Sketch -- thumbnail] ingrslft.gif
[Gerard Isabey -- thumbnail] isabeyt.gif
[Lady in the `Fourth Position of Dancing', from Wilson's _Analysis of Country Dancing_, 1811: thumbnail] ldy4danc.gif
[1813 Lieven at Almack's] lievenbt.gif
[Lieven at Almack's -- thumbnail] lieventh.gif
[1818 Luxe et Indigence -- thumbnail] luxndgth.gif
[Mourning dress (1809, with appropriately funereal urn) -- thumbnail] mourngdt.gif
[A musical party (harp-playing lady; Rowlandson ca. 1810), thumbnail] muscprts.gif
[Naval background 1795 fashion] navlbthn.gif
[Silly cover of printing of Northanger Abbey marketed _as_ a Gothic novel: thumbnail] nhabgoth.gif
[1851 New Costume Polka] nwcstumwt.gif
[Parisian Fashion] parsdthn.gif
[Piano -- thumbnail] pianofth.gif
[Promenade Dress] prmnadth.gif
[Peasant Dance Caricature] psntdnct.gif
[Shocking public kissing -- thumbnail] publkist.gif
[1806 William Henry Pyne _Microcosm_ Woman Cat Cottager Child] pynectgt.gif
[1806 William Henry Pyne _Microcosm_ Mower's Family Travelling] pynemwrt.gif
[1806 William Henry Pyne _Microcosm_ Chaise and Pair] pynepc2t.gif
[1806 William Henry Pyne _Microcosm_ Chaise and Four] pynepc4t.gif
[1806 William Henry Pyne _Microcosm_ Stage Coach and Four] pynestct.gif
[1806 William Henry Pyne _Microcosm_ Man Woman Washing Linen Brook] pynewsht.gif
[Queen of spades -- thumbnail] qeenspdt.gif
[Dancing a Quadrille at Almack's -- thumbnail] quadrilt.gif
[Pseudo-Regency Young Lady Computer Joke] rgncmput.gif
[Prinny caricature -- thumbnail] rgntsthm.gif
[Pseudo-Regency Mother Daughter Sewing] rgsewngt.gif
[1882 Flirting -- thumbnail] romnceth.gif
[Stothard Pleasures of Memory Engraving] stothpmt.gif
[Waltzers -- thumbnail] thewltzt.gif
[2 of spades -- thumbnail] twospadt.gif
[Late Victorian `Fast' Young Ladies -- thumbnail] vicldgth.gif
[1816 Wilson Regency Waltzers] waltzrth.gif
[Waltzers] walzingt.gif
[Walking dress thumbnail] wlkdrsth.gif
[Salmagundi Waltz Dance Caricature -- thumbnail] wltzdnct.gif
[Woman reading (woodcut): thumbnail] womrdgth.gif
[Classical Woman Drawing -- thumbnail] zonegrkt.gif
Pride and Prejudice illustration thumbnails:
Darcy on Elizabeth: `She is tolerable, but not handsome enough to tempt _me_.' -- thumbnail ppv1n03.gif
Sir William Lucas: `Mr. Darcy, you must allow me to present this young lady to you as a very desirable partner.' -- thumbnail ppv1n06.gif
Mrs. Bennet: `Why Jane -- you never dropt a word of this, you sly thing!' -- thumbnail ppv1n13.gif
Mr. Denny entreated permission to introduce his friend [Wickham]. -- thumbnail ppv1n15.gif
[Mr. Collins] prefaced his speech with a solemn bow. -- thumbnail ppv1n18.gif
Mr. Collins: `Almost as soon as I entered the house I singled you out as the companion of my future life.' -- thumbnail ppv1n19.gif
Mr. Collins and Charlotte were both standing at the gate in conversation with the ladies [Anne de Bourgh and Mrs. Jenkinson]. -- thumbnail ppv2n28.gif
She [Lady Catherine] sallied forth to scold them into harmony and plenty. -- thumbnail ppv2n30.gif
Elizabeth: `You mean to frighten me, Mr. Darcy?' -- thumbnail ppv2n31.gif
Lady Catherine: `I assure you, I feel it exceedingly.' -- thumbnail ppv2n37.gif
The introduction, however, was immediately made. -- thumbnail ppv3n43.gif
Jane: `I never saw any one so shocked.' -- thumbnail ppv3n47.gif
She [Lydia] went after dinner to shew her ring, and boast of being married, to Mrs. Hill and the two housemaids. -- thumbnail ppv3n51.gif
She [Elizabeth] perceived her sister and Bingley standing together. -- thumbnail ppv3n55.gif
Lady Catherine: `Miss Bennet, I insist on being satisfied.' -- thumbnail ppv3n56.gif
He [Darcy] could even listen to Sir William Lucas. -- thumbnail ppv3n60.gif
[_Pride and Prejudice_, Chapter 20: Mrs. Bennet: ``You must come and make Lizzy marry Mr. Collins'' -- thumbnail] ppchp20t.gif
[The Bennets at home] benethmt.gif
[``Mr. Collins... protested that he never read novels''] mclnrnvt.gif
Other Jane Austen novel illustration thumbnails:
[Mr. Knightley: `My dearest, most beloved Emma, tell me at once...': thumbnail] emma1thn.gif
[With a feeling of terror not very definable, she fixed her eyes on the staircase, and in a few moments it gave Henry to her view: thumbnail] nach24th.gif
[Fanny's last feeling in the visit was disappointment: for the shawl which Edmund was quietly taking from the servant to bring and put round her shoulders was seized by Mr Crawford's quicker hand, and she was obliged to be indebted to his more prominent attention. -- thumbnail] hcfannyt.gif
[Mrs. Price...only discomposed if she saw Rebecca pass by with a flower in her hat.] mnsfrbft.gif
[...while Fanny cut the roses: thumbnail] mfpk1thn.gif
[Fanny Price: She worked very diligently under her aunt's directions: thumbnail] mfpk2thn.gif
Henry Crawford and Fanny Price: `No, no, no!' she cried, hiding her face: thumbnail] mfpk3thn.gif
[At Portsmouth: Fanny was obliged to introduce him to Mr. Crawford. -- thumbnail] mfpk4thn.gif
[The joyful consent which met Edmund's application: thumbnail] mfpk5thn.gif
[Edmund and Mary:] Indulged with his favourite instrument. -- thumbnail mnsfpk2t.gif
While Fanny cut the roses. -- thumbnail mnsfpk3t.gif
[Mr. Rushworth:] He walked to the gate and stood there without seeming to know what to do. -- thumbnail mnsfpk4t.gif
[Fanny Price and Tom Bertram:] ``It would give me the greatest pleasure, but that I am this moment going to dance.'' -- thumbnail mnsfpk5t.gif
[Fanny Price:] She worked very diligently under her aunt's directions. -- thumbnail mnsfpk6t.gif
[Dr. Grant himself went out with an umbrella. -- thumbnail] mnsfpk7t.gif
[Fanny and Edmund:] ``Oh, this is beautiful indeed!'' -- thumbnail mnsfpk8t.gif
[Henry Crawford and Fanny Price:] ``No, no, no!'' she cried, hiding her face. -- thumbnail mnsfpk9t.gif
[Fanny and Mary:] Good gentle Fanny. -- thumbnail mnsfpkbt.gif
[Fanny and William Price:] Looked at him for a moment in speechless admiration. -- thumbnail mnsfpkct.gif
[At Portsmouth:] Fanny was obliged to introduce him. -- thumbnail mnsfpkdt.gif
[She was found one morning by her cousin Edmund sitting crying on the attic stairs. -- thumbnail] mpwdcth1.gif
[A young woman, pretty, lively, with a harp as elegant as herself... was enough to catch any man's heart. -- thumbnail] mpwdcth2.gif
[``It is a great while since we have had any star-gazing.'' The glee began. ``We will stay till this is finished, Fanny,'' said [Edmund], turning his back on the window. -- thumbnail mpwdcth3.gif
[She met Miss Crawford within a few yards of the Parsonage. -- thumbnail] mpwdcth4.gif
[``Why have you no fire to-day?'' -- thumbnail] mpwdcth5.gif
[Catherine Morland and Isabella Thorpe: They were always arm in arm when they walked: thumbnail] naby1thn.gif
Catherine Morland: Anxious attention to the weather: thumbnail] naby2thn.gif
[Catherine Morland and John Thorpe: `A famous good thing this marrying scheme, upon my soul!': thumbnail] naby3thn.gif
[Mr. and Mrs. Morland's surprise on being applied to by Mr. Tilney for their consent to his marrying their daughter was, for a few minutes, considerable: thumbnail] naby4thn.gif
[``Placed it before Anne.'' -- thumbnail] persulth.gif
[Capt. Wentworth and Anne Elliot at Uppercross: In another moment, she found herself being released from him; some one was taking him from her: thumbnail] prsu2thn.gif
[At Lyme: The horror of the moment to all who stood around!: thumbnail] prsu3thn.gif
[Anne Elliot and Admiral Croft: In earnest contemplation of some print: thumbnail] prsu4thn.gif
[Marianne Dashwood and Willoughby: He cut off a long lock of her hair: thumbnail] ssns1thn.gif
[Col. Brandon and Marianne: She immediately left the room: thumbnail] ssns2thn.gif
[Mrs. Ferrars: thumbnail] ssns3thn.gif
[Elinor and Willoughby: `Miss Dashwood, I entreat you to stay': thumbnail] ssns4thn.gif
[Colonel Brandon was invited to visit her: thumbnail] ssns5thn.gif
[Joan Hassall woodcut illustration of _Frederic and Elfrida_] f-ewdcth.gif
[Joan Hassall woodcut illustration of _Jack and Alice_.] j-awdcth.gif
[Joan Hassall woodcut illustration of _Love and Freindship_] lvfwdcth.gif

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