Character Milestones
This year, we asked the Pemberley meeting attendees to write messages for the Milestones Board as Jane Austen characters.

Below is a list of some of the messages. See if you can guess which character is writing.

  1. Today I was introduced to a gentleman of the Navy. Dashing, handsome fellow. I was not sure he would recognize my prior claim, but he proved quite cordial. I have reason to believe he is to be my brother-in-law and I believe he will make a fine addition to our family.
  2. Today I got an excellent book of poetry. Reading it makes me feel even more melancholy about my loss than usual.
  3. Today I had the first complete conversation that I've ever had with a female. I'm afraid to say I must've botched it though. The lady seemed quite distracted and peeved at the end of our walk.
  4. My husband and I will leave on our honeymoon, but I worry that 50,000 will not suffice. Yet one cannot have a honeymoon in a country place like Coombe Magna. Wish me well...
  5. I've just had my 28th birthday and, as a wonderful birthday present, a dear friend has assisted me in regaining some small financial comfort. I'm never less than cheerful, but I'm so grateful for these small comforts.
  6. Today I received a letter from my dear Jane. It was such a lovely letter, so well written and long. I am sure that a letter that is long cannot be ill. I, myself, cannot write a letter that is short. However, I am sure that my letters are not so long, nor so interesting, nor so well written as a letter written by anyone else. And certainly my letters are never clever. It was so kind of her to write such a long, interesting letter. I cannot remember now what it was about but I am sure that it must have been interesting. And it was so kind of her to write, although I don't recall at all what the letter said. Oh dear me. It was so very kind in any event. Well, perhaps it is best that I just be quiet.
  7. Today I had the honor of sharing a ride on the barouche box of a lovely gentleman who did not invite my sister to share it with him. So there! Neiner, neiner.
  8. I've just bought a damned fine horse and a bang-up carriage and damn my eyes if I didn't pay only half what she was worth.
  9. I am happy to report the felicitous marriage of my daughter. I am certain that I will shortly be able to present both her and her esteemed husband at St. James.
  10. Yesterday, my patroness sent her carriage to transport me and my esteemed bride to take tea for the 25th time since Michaelmas.
  11. Today my dear husband managed to stay awake during the entire after dinner portion of the evening. Oddly enough, it was still a damn tedious waste of an evening.
  12. Yesterday two young ladies dressed me up in women's clothes. I must confess it was rather exciting...
  13. My dear, it was the most providential thing in the world. Today I convinced my dear friend against the purchase of the most expensive muslin in Bath. Instead, I showed her a lovely sprigged bolt at only eight shillings a yard. And do you know, she thanked me prodigiously. Such a friend! Such a gown!
  14. Following three memorable dinners in the same week, I recently had occasion to relinquish my parish.
  15. Today I finally learned four speeches. Only eight and thirty to go.
  16. My marriage proposal has been refused. I'll have to ask her sister.
  17. Today I read the Romance of the Forest for the third time.
  18. My finest moment! I rescued a young lady from a scoundrel using a tea tray.
  19. Met some cousins today. They were really of no consequence.
  20. I pray for all of you to congratulate me. Today I packed my bags without reference to Lady Catherine's instructions. Progress indeed.

Have you guessed the characters? Check HERE

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