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The opening game at the Craigville meeting was Clue. For those of you who need a refresher, here's what happens and how we modified it: We passed out index cards to everyone, each card bearing the names of two Austen characters (theoretically murdered). The player had to determine who killed the victim, the murder weapon and the location and write them in the manner of a Clue response. For example, Charlotte in the apiary with a swarm. We all then had to guess the victim based on this information. The answer is Sir Walter Elliot (well, of course it's Mr. Collins). :-)

Here are some clues. Can you guess the victims? Click here for answers

  1. Catherine Morland on the highway with a broken carriage brake
  2. Marianne in the ballroom with a sack of money
  3. Her seamstress in the Pump Room, strangled by some fine muslin
  4. Fossett with the port wine in the dining room
  5. Marianne on the bowling green with pocket knife
  6. Mrs. Radcliffe in his mother's bedroom with a very, very heavy novel
  7. Mr. Hurst in the music room with a pianoforte lid
  8. Fanny in the drawing room with a darning needle
  9. Mr. Woodhouse in the drawing room with rich cake
  10. Marianne in the forest with a dead leaf
  11. Sir Thomas in Mrs. Norris's back yard with a flea collar
  12. Hill in the bedchamber with smelling salts
  13. Mrs. Clay in the sweet shop with marzipan
  14. Mr. Elliot in Mrs. Smith's house with a knife
  15. Elizabeth Elliot in the dining room with a sorbet spoon
  16. Fanny Price in Mr. Rushworth's garden with the Book of Common Prayer
  17. Mr. Elton in the carriage with a snowball
  18. Julia Bertram at Everingham with a haha
  19. Anne Elliot in the kitchen with a hambone
  20. Mr. Darcy in the ballroom at Netherfield with a klieg light
  21. Mrs. Clay in the bathroom with Gowlands lotion
  22. Jane Fairfax in the barbershop with a razor
  23. Marianne in the shrubbery with the silver
  24. James Morland in the dining room with a letter opener
  25. Anne Elliot on the Cobb with an oil slick
  26. Harriet Smith at Mr. Martin's farm with a bag labeled "My Precious Things"
  27. Marianne Dashwood at the ball with scissors
  28. Robert Ferrars in a cottage with a bad batch of snuff

(Who would have guessed that Marianne Dashwood was a serial killer?)

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