Craigville Top Ten Lists

  1. Hil's Tim Tams
  2. Myretta's abysmal paper boat making ability
  3. Candace's flowers, Louie being named The Pemberley Husband
  4. Marianne Dashwood: Serial Killer
  5. Pre-Craigville slumber party
  6. The Musical Soiree
  7. AnneM's magnets and the ensuing fridgefrenzy
  8. Debating the difference between goose and frog nocturnal noises
  9. Serious JA discussions
  10. Surrender Laraine!

  1. The incomparable pleasure of meeting with old friends again
  2. The fun of putting faces to names, especially if you have been waiting for years to do so
  3. This time the extra pleasure derived from showing the beautiful grounds around Craigville to my flower-loving daughter
  4. Being allowed and even encouraged to indulge in silliness and chocolate without restraint
  5. The sweetest musical performance by Cheryl and Arnessa
  6. Getting to swim in the Atlantic sets you up - if not forever, at the very least - for one more year!
  7. Being a Darcymaniac, I found the Power version revisited surrounded by equals to be a great fix
  8. The quiet times indolently spent in the company of kindred spirits
  9. The roars of laughter that, for instance, a folded paper boat can initiate
  10. Darlene's Colin pics suite and shirt; Candace's Collins song and impressive Pemberley cookie; the sentimental Tim Tam eating
  11. The very great relief of the sight of an "I Blame Jane" sign in the window of a passing car can bestow

  1. Long Walks to the beach and around the conference center with various friends, relatively old and new
  2. Late night talking with candles at the gazebo
  3. Myretta attempting to make a paper boat
  4. Golda's turban a la Lady Russell
  5. The Mr. Collins song as sung by one of the Persuasions ;)
  6. Down-to-earth advice from more experienced Pemberley ladies (I just kept my mouth shut and listened)
  7. Window shopping in Hyannis -- stopping at the JFK museum
  8. Speaking Austenian to people who understand!
  9. Stopping by at Plymouth with Jen K and looking around a 1800 house
  10. Rocking Horror, P&P and rain fights!

  1. The Mr. Collins song/My Father's Favourite/the spontaneous Lady Catherine serenade (and I'm still singing "Oh Mr. Collins" in my head)
  2. Camp food tastes really, really good at the unfortunate hour of 7:45 AM
  3. Before going down to the beach, bandying about "we are going for a walk", "this is a very long walk" &tc. for a good long while without one eyebrow raised!
  4. Hey, Jane Eyre. Didn't she write Emma?
  5. Tim Tams & Homemade truffles
  6. The door prize drawings in which everyone's a winner! Plus I loooove the mug
  7. Power P&P: B-B-B-Brighton! and the collective laughter at Mr. Darcy's eye-rolling
  8. Book shopping in Hyannis - we really should've bought the ladies' guide to trimming hats with birds
  9. At least the geese were considerate enough to honk loudly and often enough to warn us to watch our step
  10. Hip-hip-Hoorah! Hip-hip-Hoorah! Where's my boat?

  1. Meeting Carol, Catherine, Darlene and Colleen, DebraR, Ginny2, Janet, KarenG, Laurel, LaurieC, Martine, Shari, Barbara and Katrin. Finally getting to see those in the flesh that I felt I already knew: Ann2, Arnessa, Candace, Carolyn, Cheryl, Jane, Laraine and Kathleen(elder). And renewing my acquaintance with Golda, JenK, JulieP, Myretta and Nan.
  2. Relaxation. That weekend was stress buster! No hurry, no pressure, do as you please when you please. And a special bonus: not needing to explain why I like what I like and like to do what I do. I could be myself.
  3. Jane, the quick change artist. Did she change clothes 3 or 4 times on Sunday?
  4. Advising Arnessa. Saturday night, several East Coasters tried to hang out with the West Coasters who were still on PDT. We all stayed up quite late telling Arnessa what she should do about her current love interest
  5. The performances: Arnessa on flute, Candace singing the Mr. Collins song and both accompanied by Cheryl.
  6. The Rocky Horror P2. I will admit that I was apprehensive about this one. But it was lots of fun. I may try my hand at scripting one of the adaptations.
  7. Tim Tams. They lived up to their reputation. Thanks to Hil for sending them. If only she could have brought them herself.
  8. JulieP, Carol and DebraR after the wine. They were so funny!
  9. The pajama parade. Sunday night, I think that most were trying to keep the wonderful day from ending. One by one, someone would go to bed, only to return in a few minutes in her nightclothes. When I started to doze (I hope that I did not snore!) I was sent to bed and stayed there so I do not know how late the others stayed up.
  10. Used Book Stores. There are two very good ones in Hyannis and I was able to return home nine books richer.
  11. Charlotte by Joan Aiken and the JA key chain. I plan to own all the published sequels and this is one I had not yet acquired. The key chain will remain a treasure as a reminder of the weekend.
  12. Goodbye hugs. Oh, why did it have to end so soon (sob)

  1. Beats standing in line at O'Hare
  2. Better than classwork
  3. Wanted to see all the construction going on around Logan Airport
  4. Golf game isn't that great right now
  5. Needed to see Darlene's original pics of the CF signing
  6. Wanted to get drenched at the Persuasion showing
  7. Love the setting at Craigville
  8. Ice cream is better on the Cape :-)
  9. Wanted to meet Laurie C
  10. Make new friends and visit with "old" ones

  1. Matching a smiling face to some of the names at RoP
  2. Hearing Nan laugh
  3. Getting to use a squirt gun indoors
  4. Listening to everyone recite the best lines in P&P2
  5. Hearing frogs croak before I went to sleep
  6. TIM TAMS!!! Thanks, Hil!
  7. Traveling with friends who make the best of a crummy situation
  8. Being warmly greeted upon arrival at long last
  9. All the goodies: Linda's beautiful bookmarks, the nifty new mugs, the favors!
  10. Making new friends who feel like old ones

  1. It provides an opportunity to use Jane Austen expressions and receive a knowing chuckle rather than a blank stare.
  2. You can participate in a "woman food fest" without any disapproving glances.
  3. You can drool over Darcy/Brandon/Wentworth/Knightly/Tilney/E.Bertram/(fill in the blank) with other women who not only understand your obsession but will fight you for their affection.
  4. It provides a forum for Mrs. Allen to live out her fantasy and provide fashion advice to an entire Republic.


  1. Mrs. Golda Croft/Lady Golda Russell/Golda Musgrove
  2. The Arnessa and Cheryl duo
  3. Jane - Secretary of Transportation
  4. Ohhh! Mr. Collins.... (It does stay with one)
  5. The pre-Craigville slumber party (it is possible to sleep 8 to 10 in a two bedroom condo)and dinner.
  6. Finally meeting Caroline! She's even better in person. :-)
  7. Naked Kenneth wallpaper at the ungodly hour of 7 AM
  8. Having Laraine, Nan, Caroline and Linda at the committee meeting. Such a nice fit.
  9. Cheryl being challenged by that huge swan
  10. That damned paper boat!

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