Snipping Messages
This year, we asked the Pemberley meeting attendees to write messages as Jane Austen characters asking people to Please Snip.

Below is a list of some of the snipping messages. See if you can guess which character is writing.

  1. That's a d--- fine post. But you could have finished it in half the time if you'd snipped the blasted thing. I could have done it in five minutes without all that foolish quoting.
  2. You undeserving girl! You have no gratitude for everything that I and the committee have done for you. We took you in and gave you a cyber home and squander our bandwidth as though it were you own. I need to send this bandwidth in case some friend should visit.
  3. You sly creature! Why do you persist in following me when you could be more succinct in your manner and mode of expression. But you men are all alike.
  4. My poor eyes cannot strain upon the same words again. Have some consideration for my poor nerves and those of others although they do not suffer as I do. How I shall bear it? I do not know.
  5. What a long post you have written. Too short to be a novel and too long to be witty. Next time have the prudence to snip.
  6. You can now have nothing further to say to me. You have insulted me in every possible manner. I must beg you to snip.
  7. I am not so easily persuaded. If you don't snip, I'll jump.
  8. At this truly delightful web site, I would so much like... I would deeply appreciate... would it be possible... to ask the esteemed ladies (and gentlemen) to snip?
  9. Do curtail your words unless you are a VISCOUNTESS.
  10. Be not alarmed, madam, upon receipt of this gentle reminder. Please SNIP. I will only add, God bless you.
  11. I am far too unwell to read such long, redundant posts. Yesterday, I was quite well and posted at great length, but today -- please snip.
  12. You pierce my soul and if you don't snip your posts, I will pierce your fingers.
  13. I have consulted Mr. Perry and he feels that the only efficacious remedy is increased snipping. If you will start snipping just a little bit, I am sure you will feel the effects immediately.
  14. Country snipping! I think it is charming.
  15. Please keep your posts as neatly trimmed as my hair.
  16. A lack of snipping results in hideous blemishes upon this site.
  17. Badly done! There was a time when it was an honor for you to be acknowledged as an excellent snipper.
  18. Although I do not say so myself, my friends tell me I am a superior snipper.
  19. I must make allowances for your situation in life. Therefore, I can only blame myself for your singular inability to snip.
  20. The dear doctor says we should all snip. What is he, a mohel?
  21. Regimentals are worth keeping. Everything else, please snip.
  22. Dost thou not know that brevity is the soul of wit? You do offend my sensibilities when you run on so.
  23. Dear poster -- I'm almost sure -- I really do believe that your message should have been snipped. Committee, is that what I should say?
  24. As I much prefer poetry to prose:
    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Forgetting to snip
    Just never will do

Have you guessed the characters? Check HERE

- Republic of Pemberley -

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