Fund Raising Messages
This year, we asked the Pemberley meeting attendees to write messages as Jane Austen characters asking people to contribute to RoP.

Below is a list of characters for you to check your guesses.

  1. Mrs. Bennet
  2. Mr. Bennet
  3. Mrs. Jennings
  4. Lady Bertram
  5. Mrs. Allen
  6. Sir William Lucas
  7. Mr. Hurst
  8. General Tilney
  9. Mrs. Clay
  10. Captain Wentworth
  11. Sir Walter Elliot
  12. Mary Musgrove
  13. John Willoughby
  14. Aunt Norris
  15. John Dashwood
  16. Caroline Bingley
  17. Colonel Brandon
  18. Mr. Bingley
  19. Mary Crawford

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