Regency Writer
Lyrics by Candace and Carol to the tune of Paperback Writer

Dear Pemberleans, will you read her book?
It took her years to write, will you take a look?
It's a novel by our own Myretta
and she needs a job
So she became a Regency Writer
Regency Writer

It's a romance story of an honorable man,
Forced to marry due to misunderstand.
Isabel mistook him for a different male.
Now Myretta's job is becoming a Regency Writer,
Regency Writer... Regency Writer...

It's two hundred pages, give or take a few.
She'll be writing more - a book deal for two!
Originally longer in a sexy style,
But she cut it out
So that she could be a Regency Writer,
Regency Writer... Regency Writer

If Oprah likes it, she can have the rights.
Her book club can discuss it some night.
Zebra loved it - they kept it there.
"Once Upon a Sofa"
Has made her a Regency Writer
Regency Writer... Regency Writer
Regency Writer

- Republic of Pemberley -

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