Keynsham, Somersetshire

A description of England and Wales: Containing a particular account of each county (1769):

Six miles west of Bath is Keynsham or Canesham a thoroughfare town in the road between Bath and Bristol seated on the south bank of the Avon and on the west bank of a small river called the Chew which here discharges itself into the Avon five miles south east of Bristol. It has a large handsome church and a stone bridge of fifteen arches that leads into Gloucestershire. The chief trade of the inhabitants is malting It has a charity school and a market on Thursdays with two fairs held on the 24th of March and the 15th of August for cattle and cheese. Here was formerly a priory of canons regular of the order of St Augustine founded by William earl of Gloucester about the year 1170 and dedicated to the Virgin Mary, St Peter, and St Paul. It had several other benefactors and was valued at the suppression at 419 14 s 3 d per annum.

Inns: York Hotel, White Hart, White Lion, Lamb.

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 Chapter 11 
In the meanwhile, they proceeded on their journey without any mischance, and were within view of the town of Keynsham, when a halloo from Morland, who was behind them, made his friend pull up, to know what was the matter.

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