Deal, Kent

Kearsley's Traveller's Entertaining Guide through Great Britain (1803):

Deal , a large seaport, defended by a castle built by Henry VIII; and near it are two others. Between this place and the Goodwin sands are the Downs. It is called Dola by Julius Ceasar, who is supposed to have landed here in his second descent upon Britain. A ridge of cliffs runs along the coast from hence to Dover, which abound with samphire. The number of its inhabitants, by the return made in 1801 to parliament was 5420.

Inns: Three Kings, Royal Exchange.

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 Chapter 8 
The only time that I ever really suffered in body or mind, the only time that I ever fancied myself unwell, or had any ideas of danger, was the winter that I passed by myself at Deal, when the Admiral (Captain Croft then) was in the North Seas. I lived in perpetual fright at that time, and had all manner of imaginary complaints from not knowing what to do with myself, or when I should hear from him next; but as long as we could be together, nothing ever ailed me, and I never met with the smallest inconvenience."
 Chapter 18 
How do you like Bath, Miss Elliot? It suits us very well. We are always meeting with some old friend or other: the streets full of them every morning; sure to have plenty of chat; and then we get away from them all, and shut ourselves into our lodgings, and draw in our chairs, and are as snug as if we were at Kellynch, ay, or as we used to be even at North Yarmouth and Deal. We do not like our lodgings here the worse, I can tell you, for putting us in mind of those we first had at North Yarmouth. The wind blows through one of the cupboards just in the same way."

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