St Domingo

The Modern and Authentic System of Universal Geography containing and accurate and Entertaining Description of Europe, Asia, Africa and America etc ( 1807) by George Alexander Cooke

Saint Domingo or Hispaniola.

( West Indies : Islands Belonging to the French)

This island was at first possessed by the Spaniards alone, but by far the most considerable part has long been in the hands of the French to whom the Spanish part was likewise ceded by the treaty of peace between the two nations in 1795. It must now, therefore, be considered as a French island.

It is situated between 17 and 21 degrees north latitude and 67 and 74 degrees west longitude, lying in the middle between Cuba and Porto Rico and is four hundred and fifty miles long and one hundred and fifty broad.

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 Chapter 4 
He was not Mr. Wentworth, the former curate of Monkford, however suspicious appearances may be, but a Captain Frederick Wentworth, his brother, who being made commander in consequence of the action off St. Domingo, and not immediately employed, had come into Somersetshire in the summer of 1806

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