Taunton, Somersetshire

Kearsley's Traveller's Entertaining Guide Through Great Britain etc (1803):

Taunton is a large and populous town seated on the river Thone, which is navigable hence to the Parret and to Bridgewater. It has been the principal seat of the manufacture of coarse woollen goods. Large quantities of malt liquor are also sent from this town to Bristol fro exportation. It had once a castle now in ruins, built by Ina, King of the West Saxons. Here is a handsome stone pentagon cross, with statues, in the market-place. Here are two parish churches; in one of which is an epitaph on a taylor, who , in the reign of queen Elizabeth, invented ruffs. This was the scene of many bloody executions in the reign of James II ; after the defeat of the duke of Monmouth at Sedgmoor, near this town, under the direction of general Kirk and judge Jeffreys. The number of inhabitants in 1801,according to the return made to parliament was 5794.

Inns : London Inn, Castle..

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 Chapter 3 
It seemed as if Mr. Shepherd, in this anxiety to bespeak Sir Walter's goodwill towards a naval officer as tenant, had been gifted with foresight; for the very first application for the house was from an Admiral Croft, with whom he shortly afterwards fell into company in attending the quarter sessions at Taunton; and indeed, he had received a hint of the admiral from a London correspondent. By the report which he hastened over to Kellynch to make, Admiral Croft was a native of Somersetshire, who having acquired a very handsome fortune, was wishing to settle in his own country, and had come down to Taunton in order to look at some advertised places in that immediate neighbourhood, which, however, had not suited him
 Chapter 5 
Sir Walter, without hesitation, declared the Admiral to be the best-looking sailor he had ever met with, and went so far as to say, that, if his own man might have had the arranging of his hair, he should not be ashamed of being seen with him any where; and the Admiral, with sympathetic cordiality, observed to his wife as they drove back through the Park, "I thought we should soon come to a deal, my dear, in spite of what they told us at Taunton. The Baronet will never set the Thames on fire, but there seems no harm in him": reciprocal compliments, which would have been esteemed about equal.
 Chapter 9 
"Now you are talking nonsense, Mary," was therefore his answer. "It would not be a great match for Henrietta, but Charles has a very fair chance, through the Spicers, of getting something from the Bishop in the course of a year or two; and you will please to remember, that he is the eldest son; whenever my uncle dies, he steps into very pretty property. The estate at Winthrop is not less than two hundred and fifty acres, besides the farm near Taunton, which is some of the best land in the country.

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