The Sound, Plymouth

Crosby's Complete Pocket Gazetteer of England and Wales or Traveller's Companion (1807)edited by the Reverend J Malham:

Plymouth is a market town seated between the mouths of the rivers Plym and Tamar, in a bay of the English channel, called Plymouth Sound, the Plym passing by one side of the town ,as the Tamar does on the other. The mouth of the Plym is called Catwater and the mouth of the Tamar Ham-Ouse or Hamoaze.

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 Chapter 8 
I brought her into Plymouth; and here was another instance of luck. We had not been six hours in the Sound, when a gale came on, which lasted four days and nights, and which would have done for poor old Asp in half the time; our touch with the Great Nation not having much improved our condition. Four-and-twenty hours later, and I should only have been a gallant Captain Wentworth, in a small paragraph at one corner of the newspapers; and being lost in only a sloop, nobody would have thought about me."

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