Kearsley's Traveller's Entertaining Guide through Great Britain (1803).


Opposite to Water-millock a cataract descends down the front of Swarth Fell, in Martindale forest. Behind many wooded hills rises Stone-cross-spike and over all steep Helvellyn. The Western Shore is various. At the upper end of Gowbarrow-park it is scattered with small rocky islands. The shores here are bold, rocky , wooded and much embayed. The ride along the banks is charming. This lake is deep and breeds char with a variety of other fish. Its water is clear but not so transparent as Derwent Water. The stones at the bottom and along the shores are coated with mud. The navigators of this lake are much amused with the curious effects of the echo of discharged guns. The higher end of the lake is fourteen miles from Penrith and ten from Ambleside.

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 Chapter 27 
We have not quite determined how far it shall carry us, said Mrs. Gardiner, but, perhaps, to the Lakes. ...
 Chapter 42 
Her tour to the Lakes was now the object of her happiest thoughts; it was her best consolation for all the uncomfortable hours which the discontentedness of her mother and Kitty made inevitable; and could she have included Jane in the scheme, every part of it would have been perfect.

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