Scarborough, Yorkshire

Kearsley's Traveller's Entertaining Guide Through Great Britain (1803):

Scarborough is a large borough seated on steep rock near which are such craggy cliffs that it is almost inaccessible on every side. On the top of this rock is a large flat plane with a little well of fresh water springing out of the rock. It is greatly frequented on account of its mineral waters, called the Scarborough Spa and also for sea–bathing ; on which account the accommodation is much improved in the number and beauty of its buildings. The spring was under the cliffs part of which fell down in 1757 and the water was lost but on clearing away the ruins in order to build the wharf it was rediscovered to the great joy of the town. Here are assemblies and balls in the same manner as Tunbridge. It has a good harbour, possesses a considerable shipping trade and is much engaged in the fisheries . On the rock king Henry II erected a noble castle now in ruins into which Edward II put his minion , Piers Gaveston, to secure him from the resentment of the nobility ,which he had insulted : but they forced it to surrender and took him prisoner . In this town there were formerly three monasteries.

Inns:Pyed Bull,Blue Bell, George, Talbot, Red Lion etc.

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 Chapter 54 
She was a little revived, however, by his bringing back his coffee-cup himself; and she seized the opportunity of saying, "Is your sister at Pemberley still?"
"Yes, she will remain there till Christmas."
"And quite alone? Have all her friends left her?"
"Mrs. Annesley is with her. The others have been gone on to Scarborough these three weeks."

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