Avignon, France

A Compendious Geographical Dictionary containing a Description of Every remarkable Place in Europe, Asia, Africa and America etc (1813) by B.P Capper.

Avignon, a district almost surrounded by Provence in France subject to the Ecclesiastical state. It abounds in corn, wine and saffron. In 1348 Johannah, queen of Sicily and countess of Provence, sold the territories and city of Avignon to Pope Clement VI for 80,000 florins.

Avignon, the capital of the above county is an archbishop's see. In Avignon, they reckon 7 gates, 7 palaces, 7 colleges, 7 hospitals, 7 monasteries, 7 nunneries, and 7 popes who have resided there in 70 years.

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 Chapter 13 
"No bad news, Colonel, I hope;" said Mrs. Jennings, as soon as he entered the room. "None at all, ma'am, I thank you." "Was it from Avignon? I hope it is not to say that your sister is worse." "No, ma'am. It came from town, and is merely a letter of business."
 Chapter 14 
"It is not so very likely he should be distressed in his circumstances now , for he is a very prudent man, and to be sure must have cleared the estate by this time. I wonder what it can be! Maybe his sister is worse at Avignon, and has sent for him over. His setting off in such a hurry seems very like it. Well, I wish him out of all his trouble with all my heart, and a good wife into the bargain."

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