Dartford, Kent

Kearsley's Traveller's Entertaining Guide through Great Britain by G. Kearsley.(1801):

The rebellion of Wat Tyler began in this town. Here are the remains of a fine nunnery founded by Edward III. At the dissolution it was converted into a royal palace: but it was aliented by James I.: What remains is only a fine gateway, and some contiguous buildings used as a farm-house. The gateway is a stable for the farmer's house. The site of the abbey was where the garden and rick-yardare. The gardens and orchards were encompassed by a stone wall still entire. On the river Darent, upon which the town is seated, the first paper-mill in England was erected by Sir John Spelman; and on this river the first mill for fitting iron bars, for making wire was erected.

Inns: Bull, Rose, Bull and Geroge, Granby Head.

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 Chapter 36 
"Some people imagine that there can be no accommodations, no space in a cottage; but this is all a mistake. I was last month at my friend Elliott's near Dartford. Lady Elliott wished to give a dance. 'But how can it be done?' said she; 'my dear Ferrars, do tell me how it is to be managed. There is not a room in this cottage that will hold ten couple, and where can the supper be?"" I immediately saw that there could be no difficulty in it, so I said, 'My dear Lady Elliott, do not be uneasy. The dining parlour will admit eighteen couple with ease; card-tables may be placed in the drawing-room; the library may be open for tea and other refreshments; and let the supper be set out in the saloon.' Lady Elliott was delighted with the thought. We measured the dining-room, and found it would hold exactly eighteen couple, and the affair was arranged precisely after my plan. So that in fact, you see, if people do but know how to set about it, every comfort may be as well enjoyed in a cottage as in the most spacious dwelling."

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