The Scientific Tourist through England, Wales and Scotland by T. Walford (1818)

NORFOLK HAS the German Ocean on the N. and E. Suffolk on the S. and Cambridgeshire on the W. It is nearly 60 m. from E to W and 38 m. from N. to S. and contains 1830 square miles. The air and climate of a certain part of thiS county are salubrious and pleasant but in the marshy and fenny parts they are often unpleasantly cold and damp. The soil is not generally good, yet the skill and industry of its inhabitants have given it a high name as a farming county. The principal rivers are the Great and Little Ouse, Waveney Bure, Wensum, Yare &c. The manufactures are chiefly woven goods. The produce fat cattle, &c.
 Chapter 37 
"His mother explained to him her liberal designs, in case of his marrying Miss Morton; told him that she would settle on him the Norfolk estate, which, clear of land-tax, brings in a good thousand a-year; offered even, when matters grew desperate, to make it twelve hundred; and in opposition to this, if he still persisted in this low connection, represented to him the certain penury that must attend the match."

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