On July 23, 1999, Pemberley descended on Victoria, BC by air, boat and car. The early birds assembled at the cottage belonging to the James Bay Inn where everyone was staying.

The cottage had been christened Barton Cottage for the duration and housed Barb, Laraine and Martine as well as providing the meeting place for the rest of the group.

Barb organized and hosted the 1999 meeting and she could not have picked a more beautiful location.

Early arrivers had a chance to explore downtown Victoria and do a little shopping before the entire group gathered.

Nobody was around and I thought we might have arrived too late. Luckily, I remembered that there was a cottage so I was on my way over to it, when I ran into Laraine. And then into Terese -- "You had a different color of hair last year, didn't you!?"



Victoria was glorious. In the midst of a sweltering summer in the U.S, we arrived to moderate temperatures and clear skies. There were flowers everywhere. We were charmed by Victoria's signature street lamps, each hung with baskets of flowers.


As tea at The Empress Hotel, was one of our destinations that weekend, hat shopping was high on the list of things to do. The intrepid Mrs. Golda Allen led a group in search of the ultimate chapeau.

Putting faces with names and getting a feel for the different novel preferences. There are P&P die-hards and some very quiet Mansfield Park devotees. Though, I must say, Persuasionites have a flair that is noticeable too.
Susan K.

Barb led a trip to Butchart gardens on Friday afternoon. The gardens are incredible and everyone came back with well-used cameras.


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