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(The following e-mail contains cataloging information for this site at its previous URL.)

From: "David L. Richtmyer"
To: Henry Churchyard <churchh@uts.cc.utexas.edu>
Date: Fri, 15 Mar 1996 08:42:17 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Jane Austen homepage

Dear Sir;

I am currently cataloging the "Jane Austen Information Page" for the University of Michigan's online catalog, MIRLYN. Here is the way the record will appear in our database:

CATALOGING          T015
 UL FMT D RT m BL m T/C DT 03/14/96 R/DT none STAT cc E/L DCF a D/S S
 SRC d PLACE txu LANG eng MOD   T/AUD   D/CODE m DT/1 1996 DT/2 9999

 035/1:  : |a (WEB)BAD1300
 040:  : |a MiU |c MiU
 100:1 : |a Churchyard, H.
 245:10: |a Jane Austen information page |h [computer file].
 246/1:1 : |i HTML source title: |a Jane Austen info page.
 256:  : |a Computer data.
 260:  : |a [Austin, Texas : |b H. Churchyard, |c 1996-]
 538/1:  : |a System requirements: PC with modem; World Wide Web browser.
 538/2:  : |a Mode of access: Internet World Wide Web. URL:
 500/3:  : |a Title from title screen.
 500/4:  : |a "Maintainer: churchh@uts.cc.utexas.edu Austin, TX."
 516/5:  : |a HTML text and images in GIF.
 500/6:  : |a Web page description based on: March 14, 1996.
 505/7:0 : |a Writings -- Biography: life (1775-1817) and family --
Notes on the society of Jane Austen's time -- Jane Austen's art and her
literary reputation -- "Everybody loves their Jane Austen": occurrences of
singular 'their' etc. in Jane Austen's novels (anti-pedantry page) -- On-line
academic articles -- Other WWW pages on Jane Austen -- Jane Austen jokes --
Selective bibliography -- Some images.
 600/1:10: |a Austen, Jane, |d 1775-1817 |x Data bases.
 600/2:10: |a Austen, Jane, |d 1775-1817 |x Bibliography |x Data bases.
 650/3: 0: |a Novelists, English |y 19th century |x Biography |x Data bases.
 856/1:7 : |u http://uts.cc.utexas.edu/%7Echurchh/janeinfo.html |2 http
 998/1:  : |a DLR


David L. Richtmyer

David L. Richtmyer
Tech. Services Electronic Resources Librarian (Monographs)
Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library
The University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1205

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