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This simple search finds the files in the Pride and Prejudice e-text that contain any of the keywords specified in a search pattern (i.e. a logical "OR" search). This is done by "Whole word" matching, so that the keywords must occur as separate and complete words in a file for a match to occur, and suffixed forms of words (noun plurals, etc.) must be searched for separately. However, you can find all occurrences of words beginning with a certain sequence of letters by ending a keyword with the special "*" wildcard character (so that using the search keyword "hat*" will find sentences that contain any of the words "hat", "hats", hatred", etc.).

If additional keyword(s) are entered into the second, optional, form field, then only files which contain at least one keyword from both of the search patterns are returned (i.e. the search is a logical "OR" search with respect to the individual keywords in each search pattern, but is a logical "AND" search with respect to both search patterns taken together).

NOTE: This form searches the text of Jane Austen's novel only, so there's no point in searching for critical meta-terms such as ``irony'' which Jane Austen did not use in the novel itself. You may have better luck using the site search listed below, though I do not in fact have very much academic-style literary criticism on this site (however, I do have abundant bibliographic references to such criticism).

Technical details of search keyword format:
Keywords are considered to be sequences of alphabetic characters in the input string, possibly with embedded hyphens, and possibly ending with an asterisk (all other non-alphabetic characters are ignored, except that they serve to separate keywords; and any alphabetic characters that occur after an asterisk character in a search keyword will also be ignored). Hyphens act as in the Jane Austen novel keyword search, but neighboring words won't be found if they are separated by a linebreak rather than a space character (so there is no real way to specify a phrase search). All searching is done in a case-insensitive way.

*You can also do a search of all these HTML pages (the entire Jane Austen info site).
*See also the form to Search the text of all six Jane Austen novels, as well as Lady Susan and The Watsons (returning individual sentences, rather than links to HTML e-text files)

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