We stopped in at Lyme Regis on our way to Bath. Jane had a most pleasant holiday in Lyme Regis and of course, The Cobb features prominently in Persuasion where that headstrong Louisa Musgrove breaks her head. Sad to say, many silly ladies of our acquaintance refused to learn from Louisa's sad example, turned a deaf ear to our cries of "Too high, Louisa!" and blithely skipped down the treacherous Granny's Teeth Steps.

It is my sad duty to report that one of our number did break her head, but was eventually revived in time to enjoy a lovely cream tea at the Georgian Tea Room in town.

KarenG: As I watched Candace in the jumping off pose, the thought occurred to me that it would be very funny if someone pretended to jump then had a picture taken of her lying face down on the ground.

The tea was delightful, even though the shyster of a proprietor tried to convince us that Jane Austen lived in that very building and wrote Pride and Prejudice whilst there. Uh-huh. Sure.

JulieW: Stocking up with any form of liquid refreshment for the trip to Lyme. A very hot day, indeed. Ginny looking so appropriate in her long dress walking along the top of the Cobb. Discovering that the Cobb was built under the command of a Captain Darcy!!! Laughing at the outrageous Owner of the tea rooms - JA wrote all of P&P there you know!

On to Bath where we checked into the Limpley Stoke Hotel a short drive south of town. Myretta and Cheryl found themselves in the Fire Escape Room, with a key to their room handily available on the outside of the door for easy access. Fortunately the key was safely tucked inside a glass case and accompanied by a hammer as all good fire exits should be. But they were compensated with the knowledge that Jane Austen actually wrote Pride and Prejudice in their room. (Except for Chapter 5, which was written in Candace's room).
Kathleen: Dinner & coffee at the hotel, with much walking about and talking of both individual and shared experiences.

Dinner was delightful and entertainment was provided by Barbara Leard (Candace's Particular Friend) who polished off a good deal of fish (while everyone else waited in consternation and awe), and executed a perfect dismount, which precipitated the Waiter Lunge to clear the table in order to serve dessert.

Elizabeth Rose discovered that an Indian Bollywood version of Sense and Sensibility was to be shown very late that evening, and a group of insomniacs stayed up to watch it. It was, apparently, an interesting interpretation.

KarenG: Edward Ferrars was an Indian film director in the States whose parents didn't approve of his occupation. Elinor was the older daughter of a family who felt she was unlucky (she had a fiancÚ commit suicide, etc.) Marianne was the singer and dancer and talked of love and poetry. Colonel Brandon was a store owner who lost his foot in combat...


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