The coach dropped us off in front of Bath Abbey for our free day in Bath. In small groups, or singly, Pemberleans ventured forth to Bath Abbey, the Jane Austen Centre, took tea at the Pump Room, visited museums, shopped on Milsom St., or were entertained by the Naked Guy in the park.

Laraine: We have a wide acquaintance in Bath.

Many took the guided Jane Austen in Bath walking tour, while Kathleen (elder), taking her cue from the Lyme Regis Shyster, made a self-guided tour in search of dubious Jane Austen connections in Bath. Wherever we went, we saw other Pemberleans across the park, along the street, and atop tour buses. As Laraine said, we had a wide acquaintance in Bath

JulieW: Feeling just like a character in NA or Persuasion - as Golda and I strolled through the town we kept meeting some of our wide acquaintance in Bath. It was a very pleasant sensation indeed.

We returned to the hotel and made ourselves (more) beautiful for the torchlight tour of the Roman Baths and an elegant dinner in the Pump Room. The Baths was an impressive above and underground complex, which we thoroughly enjoyed.

Kathleen: Even an inattentive waiter couldn't spoil the day for us. The music at the far end was quite beautiful, not so loud as to make conversation impossible but just enough to enhance the experience.

Several intrepid folks took the waters to stave off gout and decrepitude. It was universally pronounced to be nasty. Meanwhile Golda and Julie took a refreshing turn about the room.

Linda: Taking the waters: eewwww.

Wandering about the deserted streets in the dark after dinner, we spotted the site where Captain Wentworth and Anne Elliot shared a kiss in Persuasion2, and enjoyed the vision of Bath Abbey all lit up on the way back to our coach.

Miri:I absolutely enjoyed visiting Bath it is a beautiful city, which I would love to visit again. I have never personally met the mayor of my town although I voted for her, yet I got to meet and pleasantly chat with the very friendly and amiable mayor of Bath.


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