Other Pemberleans stayed behind so that they could do what they love to do best - visit and talk. In between the field trips and chatting, several ladies scheduled massages and each returned saying that it was so refreshing. Continuing the trend of spa-like indulgence, some ladies spent time in the hot tub. Lunch was served on the shaded terrace behind the dining hall. It didn't take too many meals for us to figure out that the meals at Westerbeke were very special.
The food--there aren't enough adjectives to describe the salads, desserts, sauces, cookies, fresh fruit, coffee cake and entrees
The afternoon saw Pemberley's own Author-ESS Myretta poolside, signing copies of her latest novel. A short walk would take you to the top of the hill where there was a chapel with very interesting acoustics, and a rock maze that had you walking in circles. The maze was designed by a group of female architects who had stayed a Westerbeke for their annual meeting. Westerbeke had numerous nooks and crannies for resting, reading, chatting or communing with nature, with benches hidden on the hillside among the ivy and trees, and a living room area by the fire in the Adobe. If competition was what you were looking for, Boggle was played on the patio. You've never seen such concentration and so many furrowed brows! Despite being beaten by Siobhan in the final game, Cheryl steadfastly maintains that she's still the champion, the one everyone hopes (futilely) to beat. The best snack of the weekend was provided by Candace's husband - M&Ms printed with the titles of Austen's novels.
A group photo op was called for late afternoon, so we gathered on the patio with Darcy (and a visiting dog) to have our picture taken for posterity. Dinner followed, and again we gathered in the meeting room. This time we each collected our goodie bags (bookmarks were the popular gift this year!) and began the give-away melee. A Rocky Horror Sense and Sensibility was the highlight of the evening, introduced by a vocal duet by Carol and DebraR. No matter how much fun it is to watch a Jane Austen adaptation at home, it is triply so in the company of fellow Pemberleans. Women food was always available for munching, but many found they were too full of Chef John's good food!
I thought there could be nothing like sitting in a hot tub, eating good chocolate and reading a slightly trashy novel. But then Karen2L pranced up and offered me a paper cup of a wonderful red wine and I thought I had gone straight to heaven.
--Mary Ellen


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