As usual, at check in, everyone was given the beautiful nametags that Nan had made. The picture here is the nametag for our dear missing Kathleen(Kaf) who had two flights canceled and finally had to give up her hope of making it to the Cape on time. We missed her.

Debra R: Making new friends who feel like old ones.

After the game, we put all of the nametages in Jane's hat (this seems to be another tradition) and drew for prizes. Many people had brought or sent gifts to be given away at the meeting. No one leaves the Pemberley annual meeting without a door prize.

This year the prizes included a sequel that Linda had not yet read, some more of those great Jane Austen key chains, a CD of the P&P soundtrack, a Persuasion audiobook, and a set of Austen first day covers.

Cheryl: Debating the difference between goose and frog nocturnal noises.

We are always reluctant to go to bed once we are together. Late night in Craigville found many people sitting on the steps in front of the Inn keeping company with the smokers, enjoying a glass of wine and hanging onto the the day for as along as possible.

Eventually, of course, we all did go to bed, for which I am sure the Inn's neighbors were grateful. Then many of us lay there and tried to determine the source of the odd sounds emanating from the lake in back of the inn. None of us country girls could decide if it was the resident geese or some extremely big frogs. It was the prime topic of discussion at breakfast on Sunday morning.

Ann2: Being a Darcymaniac, I found the Power P&P surrounded by equals to be a great fix.

After breakfast, we all gathered in the main room at the Inn and drew nametags for more prizes. We also previewed the new Pemberley mugs which will be used as a fund raiser later in the year. Linda had made wonderful bookmarks to commemorate the meeting (as she has for every meeting she has attended). She passed out the bookmarks and we all took some time to look through her album of past meetings and past bookmarks. It was wonderful to finally have Linda with us at an annual meeting.

The post-breakfast activity was the annual viewing of the Power version of Pride and Prejudice (2.25 hours of all the best bits). Ann2 was front and center, anxious to begin. Fortunately, she was far from alone in her interest in the leading man.

KarenG: Late night talking with candles at the gazebo

After the Power P&P, the rest of the afternoon was left free for touring and talking.

Several Pemberleans elected to go into Hyannis to see what was interesting. Here is Golda's report of their trip:

During our free afternoon, a large party of friends gathered for a shopping excursion to Hyannis. Ginny2, Linda, and Golda guided their curricles and barouches through the fine roads from Craigville. Unfortunately, none of them knew what they were about, and we spent some time circling. Ginny2 was leading the pack but got away when Mr. Woodhouse cut in front of Golda and then proceeded to safely drive at 5 mph and protect the other drivers from themselves. Linda patiently followed. Golda took a few wrong turns and finally Linda led the way and took

us safely to town. Golda is pretty sure her passengers were clenching their teeth and saying their prayers as she circled about, turned the wrong way up a one way street, and made some pretty fast and swift one-stroke U-turns. John Thorpe's driving is nothing to hers. And if it weren't for JenK's directions, they may have driven every street in Hyannis before finding their way back to Craigville.

At last we were in the town. We synchronized our watches to meet for the return journey. Then we exchanged cell phone numbers and went in separate directions. The initial plan was to visit a used book store but naturally, some of us couldn't resist checking out the other shops and millinery. There was one very fine vintage shop but no goods were carried out that day. Golda fared well in the used book shop where, unable to choose between the two Kaffe Fasset needlepoint books that had recently been discussed on the Library Board, she bought both. "It was really like buying one," she said, "because they were less than half price. And besides, the ladies who do tapestry back at the Inn would love to see these." Linda really went to town and bought out the bookstore inventory. No wonder she organized this trip. LaurieC bought an outfit for her daughter that Mrs. Allen heartily approved. The rest of the group made various purchases too.

The rest of the group decided to hang out around the conference center and either strolled the area, stayed in the Inn or lounged in the gazebo on the lake.

Janet: Needed to see Darlene's original pics of the CF signing.

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