When everyone had returned from their various activities and dinner had been dispensed with, we had another interval before it was time for the Rocky Horror P2 viewing.

Ann2: The roars of laughter that a folded paper boat can initiate
Karen G: Myretta attempting to make a paper boat
Cheryl: Myretta's abysmal paper boat making ability.

On the day before we left for Craigville, Caroline had held a class in paper boat making for the gang at Myretta's. In the period between dinner and the RHP2 viewing, Carolyn conducted two more classes at the Inn. Myretta participated in both of these and yet, as she slowly folded and re-folded her paper during the second lesson, she (and the group around her) became progressively hysterical. By the end of the session, during which Carolyn demonstrated remarkable fortitude, Myretta had a pitiful excuse for a boat. Laraine thoughtfully took it from her and remade into some semblance of the real thing.

Others were more successful and we were able to assemble before the television with enough proper props to do a real Rocky Horror viewing.

Jen K: The Mr. Collins Song/My Father's Favourite/the spontaneous Lady Catherine serenade (I'm still singing "Oh, Mr. Collins" in my head).

Before we got down to serious viewing, however, we had another treat in store. Arnessa had brought her flute and she and Cheryl performed a duet for flute and (out of tune) piano of "My Father's Favourite" from Sense & Sensibility.

Click here for an mpeg file of Cheryl and Arnessa

Click here for an mpeg file of The Mr. Collins Song

Then, as is a must at every Pemberley gathering, Candace taught the group her lyrics to Canon Collins and led us in a group sing. We finished up the musical portion of the evening with an impromptu ad lib of Lady Catherine's theme by Candace, Debra R and Carol.

We switched off the lights, fired up the VCR, broke out the scripts and prepared to watch Persuasion 2.

Linda: The Rocky Horror P2. I will admit that I was apprehensive about this one. But, it was lots of fun. I may try my had at scripting one of the adaptations.

One of the high points of every meeting is our adaptation viewing. This year we did Rocky Horror Persuasion 2 using a script put together by Mags, who, unfortunately could not be there for the fun. And fun, it was. We admired our reflections in shiny knives, waved good-bye to the servants at Kellynch, threw lists of economies across the room and saluted our paper boats as they sailed off. We also found an excuse to use our water pistols. What Pemberley meeting would be complete without someone getting wet?

Myretta: Mrs. Golda Croft, Mrs. Golda Musgrove, Lady Golda Russell

This year's Rocky Horror took on new life when Golda decided to use a sweater and borrowed plumage to provide headgear for several of the characters. It will not be soon forgot.

Linda: The pajama parade: Sunday night, I think that most were trying to keep the wonderful day from ending. One by one, someone would go to bed only to return in a few minutes in her nightclothes.

It was hard to let Sunday go. It had been such a fabulous weekend and it was our last night together. People who were too sleepy to actually contribute to a conversation just sat together and enjoyed the feeling of fellowship.

It is always hard to believe that we see each other only once a year and that some of us had never met before this weekend. Wherever we are, it feels like family.

Ann2: The incomparable pleasure of meeting old friends again

A lot was accomplished and we took the time for a group picture.

After breakfast on Sunday, the committee members who were present met in the gazebo despite some rather damp, chilly weather. It was a first face to face committee meeting for several of our newer members (and at least one of our original members) and it was a pleasure to have them all there

Cheryl: Surrender Laraine!

We gathered everyone remaining for our traditional end of meeting photo op. Unfortunately, several of our number had left by then. Next year, we'll do this on the second day.

And the hardest part is saying good-bye....

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