Fund Raising Messages
This year, we asked the Pemberley meeting attendees to write fund raising messages as Jane Austen characters.

Below is a list of some of the messages. See if you can guess which character is writing.

  1. Worrying aoubt Pemberley has tried my nerves. Your donations will set me up for life.
  2. I wouldn't trust you as far as Eastborne unless you contribute money to Pemberley.
  3. Oh my poor dears! It is but too true: the coffers of Pemberley have been delpleted. For I heard it from a dear friend that Willoughby has abandoned it. He is a good for nothing who has used the Republic terribly ill and I wish that those who do not contribute may have their hearts plagued!
  4. I am not asleep. I am aware of what is needed to keep this wonderful site going. I'm sure that Fanny can stay here with me until all your donations are in.
  5. No cheap muslin will do for Pemberley.... We are the height of fashion! Ladies, we must support each other in a style which affords the finest of gowns -- gowns that can withstand more than one washing.
  6. When I was presented at St. James's, I heard that you use an excessive amoung of bandwidth and now you must contribute to RoP's maintenance.
  7. (burp!) Apparently these ladies need money for their website. Damned silly way to spend an evening if you ask me. Singular - what? well, give them some money, dammit. Will there be any shooting this morning (burp!)
  8. Should you refrain from being generous, I may need to send Miss Sneed home at the crack of dawn with no one at all to accompany her to Wiltshire.
  9. Dear Pemberleans, I beg you: do not leave Pemberley dependent upon the goodness of others. Its noble status cannot descend to that of a common surname, bereft of dignity with little to live on.
  10. You pierce my soul. I am half agony, half hope. Say that I am not too late to make my donation to Pemberley. I shall wait, uncertain of the site's fate, until you give a sign whether I shall enter your site tonight or never.
  11. Retrench immediately. The surplus may, nay should, be given to the Republic of Pemberley You may then indulge in a leisurely bath.
  12. Our finances are sooo very ill. They have not been off the bottom line all month. Only you can cure them, I assure you.
  13. If I can sacrifice my happiness for a fortune, surely you can spare a few pence for Pemberley's.
  14. You ungrateful children! Have you no idea what it costs the committee to keep this Republic running? Or the great advantages you have gained by us allowing you to post here? Although you must always be congnizant that you are inferior to other members of the Republic, you must still contribute. I would contribute myself if I did not have to lay a little sum aside for a friend.
  15. A donation of 500 per annum would not be amiss. Yes, dear Fanny, that might be a bit much. 100 should suffice for the year. Too much you say? Perhaps. What needs do they really have? -- a bit of bandwidth is all -- A gift of 5 or 10 now and again is all that is needed.
  16. Her teeth are tolerable, I suppose. But a contribution to the Republic of Pemberley would put a big smile on Myretta's face.
  17. No doubt -- NO DOUBT -- you have heard that Pemberley is in some distress. Please give a contribution or we shall run mad.
  18. Upon my word, I would not be as parsimonious as you for a kingdom! Cough it up -- now!
  19. Gentle people, I entreat you to consider a generous donation to the fine establishment, Republic of Pemberley (unless, of course, you are a prospective clergyman considering marriage. then you should first fine a more profitable employment).

Have you guessed the characters? Check HERE

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