Brockham, Surrey

A picturesque promenade round Dorking, in Surrey (1823) by John Timbs

Skirting the Holmwood, I at length at Brockham-green a tything to Betchworth properly called Broockham, from being situated near the brook or river. On the borders of the green, are several cottage residences.

Contiguous to the green is Brockham Court Lodge, the delightful retreat of Captain Charles Morris author of some of the finest lyrical ballads in our language. This gentleman at an early period of life distinguished himself by his devotion to the muses.

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 Chapter 26 
I expect my surveyor from Brockham with his report in the morning; and afterwards I cannot in decency fail attending the club. I really could not face my acquaintance if I stayed away now; for, as I am known to be in the country, it would be taken exceedingly amiss; and it is a rule with me, Miss Morland, never to give offence to any of my neighbours, if a small sacrifice of time and attention can prevent it.

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