Putney, Surrey

Kearsley's Traveller's Entertaining Guide through Great Britain (1801)

Putney is the birth-place of that unfortunate statesman, Thomas Cromwell earl of Essex, whose father was a blacksmith here. Here is an old church. At the end of the village are seats of ____ Johnson, esq. lady Barker, ____ Boyd, esq. and of W. Fordyce, esq.

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 Chapter 15 
She saw herself at the end of a few weeks, the gaze and admiration of every new acquaintance at Fullerton, the envy of every valued old friend in Putney, with a carriage at her command, a new name on her tickets, and a brilliant exhibition of hoop rings on her finger.
 Chapter 25 
“What was her father?” “A lawyer, I believe. They live at Putney.”
 Chapter 27 
Pray explain everything to his satisfaction; or, if he still harbours any doubt, a line from himself to me, or a call at Putney when next in town, might set all to rights.

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